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Insurance2go offers mobile phone and gadget insurance to all types of users. Their online service allows you to apply for your insurance within minutes from the comfort of your own home or office, without having to go through the hassle of going into a branch.


Mobile Phone Insurance

Mobile & gadget insurance
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Protect Your Bubble is a mobile phone insurance company. They offer worldwide cover for theft, damage and mechanical breakdown with unlimited repairs for two (2) claims per year on all gadgets. For just £14.99 per month you can insure three items of your choice from a range of different categories like phones, tablets or laptops.

If you’ve ever seen a brand new handset disappear into the bath or smashed your screen by dropping it on a hard floor you can testify to the importance of mobile phone insurance. The latest iPhone handset is sure to set you back several hundred pounds, whether you shell out up front and opt for a sim only deal or spread the cost over the monthly payments of a mobile contract. As our smartphones become increasingly important to us many users feel it is imperative to make sure we have the insurance in place to repair any damage or replace any handset if it is lost or stolen. There are several different kinds of mobile phone insurance so understanding the different types of cover you can take out is key to taking out the right insurance policy for you.

Do I need phone insurance?

Unlike car insurance, phone insurance is not a legal necessity. There are far more phone headsets in circulation than there are cars, When you use your phone you are unlikely to hurt yourself or anyone else by breaking your phone, but you could well find yourself way out of pocket. Often it comes down to your own situation. Have you just bought a brand new Samsung on a 24 month unlimited data contract with one of the major networks? In which case your monthly premiums won’t be cheap. If you break or lose your phone you will still be liable for the remainder of that contract, effectively having to pay for a phone you can’t use. For a few pounds per month you can protect yourself against that happening, with insurers repairing or replacing phones that are broken, lost or stolen, depending on your phone insurance coverage.

What are the different kinds of phone insurance?

Mobile phone insurance packages generally fall into three levels of cover, though this list is not exhaustive. Which type of coverage you need is often down to you, though you will likely find that the top level of coverage costs just a few pounds more than basic insurance coverage packages.

  • Accidental damage and breakdown - these policies cover you for accidental damage to your handset or if your phone fails due to a technical fault.
  • Accidental damage, breakdown and theft - these phone insurance policies cover you for having your phone stolen, as well as accidental damage and mechanical/technical failure.
  • Accidental damage, breakdown, theft and loss - These policies offer the most comprehensive coverage, insuring you against all kinds of accidents including the loss of your phone.

Is phone insurance covered in my monthly phone contract?

In a word, no. Not as standard, anyway. Most of the retailers that feature phone deals on Best Mobile Contracts also offer comprehensive insurance coverage, which can be added on to your monthly package and paid monthly directly through your contract. All prices for the various levels of phone insurance are explained in detail when you move through to checkout your phone deal. Simply select the level of coverage you require and checkout your handset package. Your new handset will be insured to your chosen level of cover from the moment you unpackage it.

Do I have to take out mobile phone insurance with the retailer?

You don’t have to do anything other than make the best decision for you and your new handset. Retailers selling mobile phone contracts offer mobile phone insurance at competitive market rates, but no insurance product is compulsory. Third party insurers like have won awards for their comprehensive coverage and detailed insurance packages, so the key is finding the best insurer that best meets your insurance requirements.

If my phone comes with a warranty, do I still need mobile phone insurance?

In 2017 Apple extended all of its standard warranty periods on its phone handsets from one to two years. This means that if you take advantage of a new iPhone deal your iPhone is guaranteed by Apple for two years in case of technical failure. But this is only limited to mechanical failure, and excludes accidental damage, or being lost or stolen. The same is true of every other manufacturer that sells its handsets with a limited warranty. To cover your iPhone in instances of accidental damage or being lost or stolen you will require an additional insurance policy, which can be purchased alongside your monthly phone package when you pass through to checkout. In the case of Apple, you have the option to take out its AppleCare+ insurance, though even AppleCare+ does not cover you in the instance of theft or loss of your device.

Will I have to pay excess charges for any repairs or replacements?

Most kinds of insurance include excess charges when you make a claim against the insurance policy. Mobile phone insurance is no different, with the amount of excess you pay often linked to the cost of the policy. If, for example, your monthly insurance premium is £7.99 then your excess might be £25. In other policies the excess you pay might depend on the type of handset you have. Typically, iPhones command higher excess fees than Android phones. Always check your insurance policy terms and conditions before you accept any phone insurance policy.

Why should I take out a phone insurance policy?

Smartphones have become increasingly integral to our daily lives. The numbers of users buying brand new handsets on unlimited data packages is increasing by the day, even more so since the rollout of the 5G network. Apart from having peace of mind in case anything happens to your phone, insuring your phone also mitigates any loss of contacts. But often the choice depends on you as a person. When deciding if a mobile phone insurance policy will benefit you, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you clumsy or absent minded?
  • Have you ever lost or damaged your phone before?
  • Is your smartphone valuable?
  • Do you take out long term phone contracts?
  • Is it important to have your phone on a daily basis for work?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you would likely benefit from including a mobile phone insurance policy when you take out your contract.

Can I start a phone insurance policy in the middle of my contract? 

Just like any other insurance policy you can start a policy at any point, however the terms for insuring a phone handset might depend on the age of your handset. Some insurance companies classify brand new phones as less than six months old, and firms like Protect Your Bubble offer different terms and excesses if you insure your phone after six months. It may be that you opted not to take up the insurance policy at the point of sale but have changed your mind. You can contact your operator to instigate your phone insurance package. It is often easier to take out your mobile phone insurance at the point of sale, that is at the start of your contract. That way you know your phone is insured from loss or damage immediately.

Do all insurers offer the same levels of cover?

Not all insurance policies are the same, and some insurers’ terms and conditions, exclusions and restrictions differ from other insurers. Before you take out any level of insurance you should familiarise yourself with the policy booklet and what kind of cover is included in your policy. You should also note the differences in exclusions and restrictions between each type of policy.

What restrictions apply to mobile phone insurance policies?

All phone insurance policies contain restrictions. These restrictions usually include the number of claim instances you can make within a calendar year. For example, where the handset is a total loss (lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair) the number of claims you can make against the insurance policy is two. Some policies will also include terms that are dependent on whether or not you make a claim within the first twelve months of the policy. However, these terms can vary from one insurance policy to another. Be sure to read the policy document thoroughly to understand what restrictions apply to your policy and what you are covered for.

What exclusions apply to mobile phone insurance policies?

Exclusions to mobile phone insurance policies usually involve lack of care on your part, or through negligence, abuse and misuse. These might include:

  • Theft where there is no forced entry or exit to the property.
  • Accidental damage where negligence has caused the handset to be put through the washing machine.
  • Loss or accidental damage where you have left your handset on the roof, boot or bonnet of your car.

As always with any insurance policy you should read the policy document thoroughly to understand what exclusions apply.

Are pay as you go phone contracts eligible for mobile phone insurance?

It is not the contract you are insuring when you take out a mobile phone insurance policy, but the handset. As such it does not necessarily matter which handset deal or sim only package you have chosen. If you have opted for a 30 day rolling contract like those on offer from Giffgaff or VOXI then you can cancel at any time. If you have a long term phone package with EE or O2, for example, then your network provider will send you a new sim once you alert them that your phone has been lost or stolen. However, what they won’t do is reimburse you or replace your lost handset, for which you will still be liable.

Can I take out mobile phone insurance no matter what network I’m on?

Yes. Most retailers offer mobile phone insurance no matter what handset or network you are on. However, you may have to pay higher excess on a lost, stolen or damaged iPhone than you would over a mid range Android phone. As iPhones are premium price point products they generally incur higher fees to repair or replace them, though they are the most popular handset in the UK with iPhones making up just under half of all phones sold, either on contract or sim free.

How soon after I lose my phone should I alert my phone insurance company?

Most phone insurers require you to contact them within 24 hours of losing your phone, whether it is lost or stolen. If your phone has been stolen you will also have to contact the police to report it so you can obtain an incident reference number before you submit a claim. If you don’t report your phone as lost immediately it may invalidate your insurance policy, so be sure to check the terms on your policy document. Many manufacturers like Samsung and Sony have apps to locate your phone if you lose it included as standard. You should also contact your network provider immediately so they can put a block on your sim and prevent it from being misused. 

Is the most expensive level of cover the best option?

The rule of thumb that quality costs more is not necessarily true when it comes to mobile phone insurance. Different insurers offer diverse levels of cover with varying associated costs. Some insurers include more incidents of phone replacement per year than others. AppleCare+ will not replace your iPhone handset if it is lost or stolen, whereas comprehensive insurance policies include both.

Can I cancel my mobile insurance policy?

Like any contract, mobile phone insurance contracts have terms and conditions for cancellation. Most insurance policies can be cancelled at any time, and you will be billed up until the end of the month in which you cancel. Thanks to the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 you have the right to cancel within 14 days of taking out the policy without being charged.

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