It is no understatement to say that Giffgaff revolutionised British mobile network provision. The concept was devised by O2 executive Gav Thompson in 2009. Giffgaff was not to be the first Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in the UK, with that accolade falling to Virgin Mobile in 1999. Using O2’s network but operating separately and completely online, the model reduced overheads to provide cheap Giffgaff packages to customers looking to save money on their monthly plans. Giffgaff changed the landscape by offering sim only single month contracts, a model that has transformed the industry, with BT Mobile, ID Mobile and Smarty all excellent examples of successful MVNOs launched since. The upshot for customers looking for the best monthly mobile packages is the cost saving to the end user, and this benefit, along with excellent community-focused customer service, is what Giffgaff promises across all of its mobile phone plans.

giffgaff Sim Only Contracts

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When Giffgaff launched it was a pioneer of sim only month-by-month phone deals, which allowed customers to swap their goodybag plans from one month to the next. The Giffgaff sim only contracts featured in this section run on the same principle, so if you feel like you have used all of your data too quickly or think you will need more data next month you can switch your Giffgaff sim only plan to suit your needs. Giffgaff is the only mobile phone network to offer this service, truly making it one of a kind. Not all Giffgaff packages are sim only as the network does also offer new handset deals, but the company has aimed its network provision at the sim only market, making it simply the best for sim only deals.

Cheapest giffgaff Contracts

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It would be fair to say that most Giffgaff contracts are cheap deals, unless you are looking for a brand new iPhone, for example. Giffgaff’s lack of overheads and piggybacking off O2’s network means you can find cheap Giffgaff deals starting from as little as £6 per month. However, if you compare Giffgaff packages to other network providers’ plans you will often notice a difference in cost between the unlimited data Giffgaff deals and the deals offered elsewhere. If you choose one of these Giffgaff plans you always have the option to switch your goodybag up or down for the following month, depending on your data usage. 

giffgaff Contracts with Unlimited Data

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As a general rule, the more data you use, the more your monthly contract will cost. The same is true of unlimited data Giffgaff deals, as all mobile phone contracts - even monthly ones like those that Giffgaff offer - offer unlimited minutes as standard. Data is where it’s at, especially following the role out of mega 5G network speeds in 2019. We all want to stream our favourite Netflix shows on our mobiles or watch our sports teams take to the field. But what about during the close season or if you go on holiday? Maybe your mobile data needs won’t be as great? This is one area where the unlimited data Giffgaff packages come into their own, as the monthly goodybag deals allow you the complete flexibility to change up or down the amount of data you need from month to month.

iPhone deals on giffgaff

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iPhones have always been and will always be at the very top end of the smartphone market. They offer unparalleled technical performance and privacy, and have an incredible customer retention rate because of Apple’s user friendly OS. The Giffgaff iPhone deals displayed in this section range from older handsets to the latest iPhone packages. Once you have chosen the iPhone model you like the look of you can then choose your Giffgaff goodybag of data to go with. All of the iPhone Giffgaff plans, like all other Giffgaff contracts, are flexible in terms of the goodybags you choose. If you want more data for next month, simply contact Giffgaff to switch up your plan.

12 Month giffgaff Contracts

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Whenever you buy a new phone handset - whether it is from Giffgaff, Vodafone or O2 - you will need to pay for your shiny new handset somehow. This could be in an upfront cost or, as is the case with many of these 12 month Giffgaff offers, through a combination of upfront cost and monthly premium. Committing to a 12 month Giffgaff deal rather than a 24 month contract means you have even more flexibility to exchange your handset in 12 months time or to switch to a Giffgaff sim only deal and keep the same handset. A brand new 5G Huawei handset will cost more than an older model, especially so on a 12 month contract rather than a 24 month plan.

Android Deals on giffgaff

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Fear not Android fans! Giffgaff features a host of Android deals to compete with its iPhone offers, providing plenty of choice when it comes to fulfilling your search for your latest handset. Whether the Giffgaff plans shape up as the best Android phone contracts only you can decide, but with handsets from the biggest Android manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei and Sony you can be sure of plenty of choice. To compliment your Giffgaff Android plan you have the option to add extra goodybags to swap around the amount of data you can use from month to month.

Giffgaff Overview

As Giffgaff piggybacks off the O2 network you have to be sure to check O2 network coverage where you live, but as one of the UK’s biggest networks it means that Giffgaff offers are open to most of the UK’s mobile phone customer base. The ability to be flexible with any Giffgaff contract thanks to the goodybag system makes Giffgaff pans some of the best mobile contracts out there.

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