Just when Apple and Samsung thought they were set to split the lion’s share of the smartphone market, in comes Google. The tech powerhouse needs no introduction, so much so that we all use the brand name as a verb in its own right when we browse the Internet. Any shopper looking for the best Google offers put off by the accusation that Google smartphones piggyback on one of its competitors technology (early Google handsets were manufactured by HTC and Samsung) they need worry no further - Google solved that problem by simply acquiring part of HTC in 2017 for a cool $1.1bn. With everything in house, tech hunters know that Google is a front-to-back smartphone provider with the tech trousers to back up its mouth.

Google Unlimited Data Contracts

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With the world brought to many of our smartphone handsets via the medium of Google it would be madness if it weren’t possible to score Google monthly unlimited data plans from your favoured network provider. Data has never been so important to us all, and with every generational advancement in cellular network technology (4G to 5G, for example) data is set to drive our smartphone use even further. 5G speeds outstrip domestic broadband services, so the best offers will include unlimited data as standard. As always, unlimited often means more expensive, but with networks competing with each other over cheap unlimited data deals you now have more choice than ever.

Google 5G Data Phone Contracts

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When EE became the first network to launch 5G in the UK in 2019 you could hear the tip tapping of keyboards and swiping of smartphone screens as shoppers scanned the network maps to see if they could bag 5G data deals in their location. As 5G rolled out to increasing parts of the country (and the world) and became more accessible to more people, more interest, more browsing and more sales of 5G monthly data offers were shipped out by the major - and minor - networks. Typically, the best 5G contracts last for 24 months, but each seller offers customers a variety of plans to suit different needs.

Cheap Google Phone Contracts

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Plenty of smartphone users looking to upgrade their monthly plans will search for cheap Google phone contracts rather than top-end unlimited data plans. Everyone shops on a budget, and any manufacturer would miss out on heaps of sales if they didn’t cater for all ends of the market. With cheap Google packages starting from £19 per month, you can be safe in the knowledge that you won’t be squeezed out of the market looking for affordable Google smartphone contracts. Each model in this section lists the basic features of each contract, like network, data and minutes included. Simply click on the thumbnail to visit the deal and check the add ons that are available.

12 Month Google Mobile Contracts

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The trend in monthly mobile contracts has seen a rise in length of deal from 12 month to 24 months, effectively tying customers in to a longer deal to spread the cost of the more expensive handsets. But the good news for those who prefer 12 month contract offers over their double time counterparts is that you can still get 12 month deals. If you are looking to buy the latest iPhone handset then the chances are this will either mean an up front cost or an increase in your monthly bill, or both. The key factor is choice, and knowing that the choice is out there no matter what your monthly plan preference is reassuring to say the least.

Free Google Handset With Contract

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There’s nothing worse than spying a smartphone deal to discover there’s hidden costs attached. While you might expect to pay some more up front for a brand new Samsung phone, you would expect less so if purchasing a model that isn’t hot off the press. And guess what? You can still get free Google handsets with monthly contracts from some network providers! These deals still include a hefty amount of data and minutes and feature both the biggest network providers like O2 and the smaller, budget focused networks, such as ID Mobile. With no upfront cost you can easily budget for the monthly offers on show without being hit with an extra charge on your first bill or initial direct payment.

Google Phones - Refine By Network

One of the key watchwords of Google’s business is inclusivity. The tech giant wants its products to be available to all, which also makes sound business sense. That means that UK shoppers can hunt for Google packages no matter their preferred network, assuming, of course, that you have a preferred network! If you are lucky enough to live and work in an area serviced by most networks then your choice of smartphone packages is broader and more flexible. Click any of the thumbnails below to take you to that network’s Google contract page, where you can refine further by monthly plan cost, amount of data and up front charges. If you need more information check out our buyers’ guides to help you narrow your search. 

Google Phone Overview

Google needs no introduction, and enough is known about the history of the company to warrant little expansion here. The major point to make about Google’s smartphone manufacture is the company’s purchase of the HTC arm responsible for the manufacturer of the Google Nexus and early Google Pixel models. That $1.1bn outlay means that Google’s design and production arms are truly in house, boosting confidence in customers shopping for Google smartphone deals.

Any Google phone purchased comes preloaded with Google services like GMail, GDrive and Google Maps, thanks to Google’s involvement with the Android platform. No matter what contract you go for - unlimited data package or cheap monthly deal - you will be able to find your way around and import all of your data from your previous Android handset with ease. 

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