Nokia is one of the most recognisable communications brands in the world. During the cellular boom of the mid 90s, Nokia contracts dominated mobile phone retail stores like Orange and T-Mobile, before they were a glint in EE’s eye. The most popular Nokia contracts came in both pay monthly and Pay As You Go (PAYG) varieties, came with fascias you could swap and perhaps the most popular mobile game of its era: Snake. No wonder that Neo’s phone in the Matrix was the ultra cool Nokia 8110. By 2007 Nokia phones boasted 49% of the mobile market, and then Apple launched the iPhone and the world changed forever. In 2014 Microsoft bought Nokia, and began to reintroduce Nokia handsets onto the market in 2016. By the dawn of 2021 Nokia mobile deals had become available at a variety of UK networks, including O2, Vodafone and EE.

Cheap Nokia Monthly Packages

Having rebuilt its reputation among smartphone users, if not its market share, UK networks offer a host of cheap Nokia deals as excellent steps into the smartphone market. Major networks like EE and Vodafone feature Nokia plans as part of their catalogues, while Giffgaff offers both new and refurbished Nokia phones to accompany its goodybags. When you are looking to save money on your phone package, the best Nokia contracts are often cheaper than other Android counterparts. While Nokia’s domination of the smartphone market declined from 2007 it still produces handsets that focus on durability reliability, making them great choices for any user on a budget. 

Pay As You Go Nokia Plans

Pay As You Go (PAYG) plans are excellent opportunities to save money on your monthly phone payments if you don’t use your phone a lot. If you mainly use your phone at home or in the office where you can connect to WiFi and don’t find much need to use your handset out and about, then a Nokia Pay As You Go package is a useful option to assess. Several networks offer Nokia PAYG deals alongside their pay monthly plans, though it is worth assessing just how much data and how many minutes and texts you use on average. Pay monthly packages often provide better value, but PAYG plans are particularly useful to anyone who uses their phone less than the UK average of three hours per day. 

Nokia Networks

Just because Nokia phone sales declined from 2007 doesn’t mean that Nokia as a whole suffered. By 2017 the Finnish company had become the third largest telecoms equipment manufacturer in the world, behind Huawei and Cisco. Nokia also acquired Alcatel in 2016 to boost its foothold in the cheapest mobile packages on offer in the UK. Since its acquisition by Microsoft the Nokia brand has enjoyed a resurgence, with Nokia handsets and contracts being offered by major networks and MVNOs alike. Nokia is gradually improving its phones by introducing more mid-premium range handsets, taking aim at well established manufacturers like Huawei and Xiaomi as it bids to once again become the nation’s favourite smartphone brand.

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