If any one manufacturer could be said to have crept under the radar when it comes to UK mobile phone contracts, it is Xiaomi. The Chinese manufacturer operates out of Beijing, and only launched in 2010. As a relative pup compared to the likes of Samsung and Huawei, Xiaomi went after the smartphone market with a heavy emphasis on a broad range of handsets with top notch camera capabilities and screen quality. The number of Xiaomi phone deals in the UK has grown ever since, and in just 10 years Xiaomi went from nowhere to being the fourth largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world, shipping 125million units by the end of its first decade.

Xiaomi Unlimited Data Contracts

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Part of Xiaomi’s business model is to sell its smartphone handsets almost at cost, with little margin of profit. This model allows networks to offer cheap unlimited data deals for some of Xiaomi’s best smartphones, making it competitive with bigger manufacturers like Samsung and Apple. The displays on Xiaomi phones are typically excellent, making it perfect for streaming shows, films and sports, for which unlimited data packages are perfect. The build quality and low handset cost of Xiaomi smartphones make them ideal choices for customers looking for unlimited data contracts, while Xiaomi’s wide handset range means unlimited data deals can be found for mid-top range budgets.

Xiaomi 5G Data Phone Contracts

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The major networks like EE, Vodafone and 3 Mobile began to roll out 5G in the UK in 2019. The demand for 5G deals was instantly huge, with all the networks pushing to expand their 5G offering to customers across the country to deliver the breathtaking download speeds that 5G network capability offers. Xiaomi handsets like the Redmi, Mi and Note were ready for 5G before the service even launched, so have a score of the best 5G deals on the market when it comes to customers looking for new smartphone handsets. These range from free handsets with unlimited 5G data to up front costs with lower monthly premiums, and everywhere in between.

Cheap Xiaomi Phone Contracts

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Xiaomi’s business model means it makes only small margins on its handset sales, which in turn keeps handset prices low. This is why you will always be able to find cheap Xiaomi deals that undercut many of their competitors. You can even find brand new flagship handsets available in budget packages because the handset retail cost is half that of a top of the range Samsung, for example. That’s not to say that Xiaomi technology is inferior to that of its biggest competitors. The mouthwatering tech specs that accompany Xiaomi offers make the award winning Chinese manufacturer’s deals a best of both worlds option.

12 Month Xiaomi Mobile Contracts

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The beauty of shorter smartphone contracts comes in your freedom to switch at the end of 12 months, either to change your handset or keep it and look for a sim-only deal. Thanks to Xiaomi’s broad catalogue of smartphones there are plenty of 12 month Xiaomi plans delivered by a range of mobile networks, including Vodafone and 3 Mobile. Because of the lower retail price of Xiaomi’s smartphone handsets, you can pick up a cheap Xiaomi package with little outlay upfront or lower monthly premiums. You can also pick up unlimited data contracts and 5G plans for monthly fees that undercut some of Xiaomi’s bigger priced competitors.

Free Xiaomi Handset With Contract

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Typically, Xiaomi free handset deals are financed by small increases in monthly payments or longer term contracts. However, this will depend on the handset of choice. When Xiaomi launched the Redmi K30S in October 2020 it became one of the most popular mid-range launches of that year. Big networks like O2 and Vodafone offered this Xiaomi free handset deal with 24 month contracts to spread the cost of the handset over the course of the contract. Most new handset releases follow this pattern, but one of the main benefits of Xiaomi smartphones is that they operate in the low-mid range budget arenas, making free handset plans easily achievable and affordable.

Xiaomi Networks

Because of the low-mid-range price tag of the Chinese manufacturer’s handsets, you have the option of ordering Xiaomi handsets on a range of network packages. Vodafone, 3 Mobile and O2 are some of the major networks that feature Xiaomi deals, while sim only providers like Smarty (powered by 3 Mobile) also offer sim only contracts compatible with Xiaomi handsets. The network choice often depends on your location, as not all areas boast excellent mobile network signal. The same is true of 5G networks, so be sure to check your network coverage when you switch from one network provider to another.

Xiaomi Phone Overview

Xiaomi might not have the same long running history and background as some of its counterparts like Sony, Samsung and Huawei, but it has made up for lost time when it comes to innovation, design and manufacture. The number of smartphones it ships year on year is evidence alone that Xiaomi is comfortable taking on the big boys of the smartphone developing world, while Xiaomi contracts are staples of every network’s offering because of the manufacturer’s mass appeal.

The key to Xiaomi’s success has been its overall business model. It identified and went after the low-mid-range package deals, making handsets with impressive technical specs - particularly in its displays and camera capabilities - that were also affordable. With its Redmi, Mi and Mi Note brands performing strongly in monthly plans as well as in sim only offers, Xiaomi’s popularity broadens year on year. The appeal of each brand among smartphone users makes Xiaomi an easy catalogue choice for mobile networks and contract deal providers, while the use of the Android platform means Xiaomi phones make for easy transmissions from whichever previous handset you move from. Check out our Buyers Guides if you need more help choosing the best Xiaomi contract for you before you view the deals by network. 

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