Such is the appeal of the latest iPhone releases that fans still queue up overnight to be the first to land the new handsets. Apple remains in a never-ending battle with Samsung, in particular, to deliver the most high-tech phone products, which means that you are in an ideal position to find the best iPhone deals. Of which there are many. Which offer you go for depends on your personal preference. What are you shopping for when you look for a new iPhone deal? Are you looking for cheap data packages or the newest handset offers? However you like to shop, here you will find the low-down on the latest Apple offers in neat and tidy format.

Apple Networks

Any network worth its salt wants to be able to list Apple monthly plans as part of its catalogue, given the popularity of the brand and the handsets. The good news for you, the shopper, is that gives you more choice. The major networks like EE, Vodafone and O2 all feature deals that range from unlimited data sim only packages right the way up to new handset plans with multiple options for data, calls and add-ons. Budget focused mobile networks like ID Mobile and Smarty also make plays on the Apple cart with their no strings approach to network provision, meaning that, whatever your budget, there are plenty of Apple deals to be found.

iPhone Unlimited Data Contracts

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Thanks to streaming services like Netflix, YouTube and SkyGo, we need not be bored on the morning commute or unable to keep tabs on our favourite shows and sports teams. But these services are data hungry, making unlimited data plans essential to most phone users when they are making their next handset choice. Music streams like Apple Music use less data, but if you are the type to listen to music on your phone 24/7 then cheap data deals are still the way forward, given that listening to an hour of music every day would see you use around 1.3GB of mobile data, even on low quality settings.

5G iPhone Contracts

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When 4G came in to play in the UK in 2012 many phone users were sceptical about how much benefit it could provide. Consider, then, that Apple 5G contracts will deliver data services that provide download speeds of up to 100gbs - that’s gigabits per second, not the feeble megabits per second that domestic broadband speeds deal in - and you are suddenly talking about must have ticks on your Christmas or birthday list. Like the roll out of 4G, 5G data deals aren’t necessarily available everywhere, but each network that provides 5G services includes a network checker so you can check the capability in your area before you order your handset.

Cheap iPhone Contracts (£20 or less)

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The good news for iPhone fans on a budget is that you don’t have to sign up for a brand new handset in order to bag a cheap monthly mobile plan to suit you. There are numerous versions of iPhone that are available which may still be an upgrade on your current handset, without being the glitzy new releases you see advertised on billboards. In your search for iPhone cheap contracts it could always be worth looking at SIM only deals as a cost-saving option, removing the need to pay for a new handset through your deal and maximising the capabilities of your current handset. As long as you are still getting decent battery and phone performance and are happy with your current handset then opting for a SIM only deal is a great way to save monthly costs.

iPhone deals on EE

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iPhone fans need not panic! There are plenty of cheap iPhone deals on all the major networks (and the smaller budget networks as well!) to go round. But as the UK’s fastest 4G and 5G network provider, EE is without doubt the number one choice when it comes to switching networks. For that reason alone often the best monthly plans are found on EE, in terms of monthly spend in relation to overall value. That doesn’t mean that you need a new handset or 1millionGB of monthly data - the UK’s biggest mobile network offers plenty of budget options too.

iPhone Overview

If you can remember when the first iPhone was released (way back in 2007) you will be able to recall the razzmatazz that went along with it. While plenty of new products so often don’t live up to their hype, the iPhone from Apple showed that trend the door. Steve Jobs described the first iPhone as a “breakthrough Internet communications device”. It turned out to be the understatement of the century. It boasted a 3.5” screen and a 2megapixel camera. Suddenly you had everything in a phone, including the Internet in your pocket.

The release followed hot on the heels of the iPod, which as much as it was set up to fuel the growth of iTunes, whet our appetites for personal devices that we could use to consume media with “1,000 songs in your pocket”. We know how the story went, with each new smartphone development paving the way for the all important iPhone data packages that we search for when we look for a new handset. Apple hasn’t just revolutionised the way in which we use media, it has also pioneered the way we use our phones.

iPhones, like iPads and Macbooks, are not the cheapest pieces of tech to buy brand new. If you were looking to buy an iPhone 12 handset on its release in 2020 and look to match it with a cheap monthly iPhone deal you are looking at an outlay that starts at £799. The iPhone 12 mini is a cheaper alternative and kicks off at £699. They aren’t entry level products, but Apple and iPhone fans point to the design, build quality and expertise that goes into the production of these elegant devices. 

The iPhone 12 features a 6.1” true tone, Super Retina Display to make every visual pop on the screen. It comes with 5G capability, which brings download speed of up to 100gbs per second, faster than your home broadband connection. It boasts a brand new A14 bionic chip that is the fastest ever chip found on the market at the time of its release. It’s almost like you have to get the best iPhone deal to do it justice, such is the awesome capability of the machine.

They are shiny. They are sleek. They are intuitive and easy to use. But they are also positioned at a premium price point, which is why many iPhone fans scour the market for the best iPhone contracts out there. Competition is fierce among network providers, because price becomes important. Yes we want a 100gb monthly data offer so we can stream Netflix shows on our break, but we want it for the best price possible! All the major networks compete on price for your affections, but only you can decide whether dropping 20gb of data from an EE package is worth £5 less than a competing network, for example. This will depend on three things: your budget, your location and your desire for a brand new iPhone! 

But even that’s not to say that you have to go brand spanking new when you are looking to switch your handset. Network providers appreciate that while most of us want the newest tech, everybody works to a price point. Plenty of iPhone packages remain online for existing iPhones, and when new models are released they bring down the cost of previous models. There are several improvements that the iPhone 12 makes on the iPhone 11, but if you are comparing iPhone plans with a view to reducing your monthly outlay then models like the iPhone SE or iPhone SR are also useful options. 

The good news about the iPhone offers we showcase on Best Mobile Contracts is that you will not be short of variety. Each network features numerous different iPhone deals because it is one of the most sought after brands on the smartphone market. Some providers throw in cashback deals or gifts for certain monthly plans as a whistle-whetter. As with any purchase, the choice is personal, but knowing that you have the most modern offers lined up in one place helps you to make that choice a right one.

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