Android Phone Contracts

The number of Android phone deals available far outweigh the number of iPhone packages offered by UK networks, if only through sheer weight in numbers. In terms of handsets shipped, both Samsung and Huawei have been selling more handsets worldwide than Apple since 2019. The figures are closer in the UK, with Android deals making up just over 50% of all new handsets sold. Part of this mass appeal lies in sheer competition. Each smartphone manufacturer gives their handsets their own individual style, making them different while maintaining similarities thanks to the Android operating system. So whether you opt for a Samsung Galaxy S21 or an Oppo Find X2 Pro you can be sure of seamless integration with Google services like Gmail, Maps and GDrive.

Android Sim Free Deals

Buying a sim free phone opens the doors to all kinds of Android sim only deals offered by major and minor networks. Thanks to the similarities of the Android operating system you have freedom to choose across a number of retailers and networks. Often, independent retailers compete on price, giving you access to some of the best Android sim free packages available online. You can compare the deals on display at Best Mobile Contracts from all of the major and minor manufacturers by clicking the All Deals button, which brings up a list of all retailers featuring that Android handset.

Is Android owned by Google?

The Android operating system was first developed by Android, Inc., a Silicon Valley tech company. Google acquired Android, Inc. in 2005 and further developed the platform via the Open Handset Alliance, a consortium of firms that vary from device manufacturers like Samsung and Sony, software developers including eBay and Google, component manufacturers such as Intel and Qualcomm and networks like T-Mobile and Telefónica. Google’s ownership of Android means standardisation of apps and services, not least using your Google account to access contacts, Gmail and Play Store, among others.

Are Android phone packages better than iPhone deals?

While Android manufacturers may point to the popularity of Android handsets around the world to prove Android handsets are better than iPhones, Apple retains a healthy proportion of market share. It is impossible to choose the best Android deals over their iPhone counterparts, because the choice is so personal and the operating systems so different. If you use Gmail and are on board with Android’s ethos, apps and handset styles, the chances are you will opt for an Android deal over those with iPhones. For those on strict budgets, the cheapest Android deals are often more affordable than those on iPhone, giving Android packages more overall universal appeal.

When the Android operating system launched in 2008 it did so with the input of some of the biggest smartphone manufacturers, tech development companies and networks on the planet. Today, Android phone contracts represent over 50% of the total smartphone packages sold in the UK.

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