O2 is an iconic brand, not just in Britain but also across Europe. The company has set itself apart from its competitors, not least through its sponsorship of the O2 Arena and other O2 Academy music venues in Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham. One of O2’s main promotions - its O2 Priority ticket scheme, which sees O2 customers exclusively granted priority access to tickets to shows in a variety of genres - quickly became popular with music fans, young and old. However, when you search for the best O2 mobile contracts you don’t have to be a gig worshipper to make the most of O2’s 5G network coverage, unlimited data packages or sim only deals. The company offers a variety of mobile contracts to suit every budget, including iPhone lovers, Android fans and bargain hunters of all kinds.

Best 5G O2 Deals

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O2 wasn’t the first network provider in the UK to roll out 5G network services, with that honour falling to the EE network in May 2019. O2’s 5G service rolled out just a few months later in six major towns and cities, with those inhabitants rushing to secure the best O2 5G deals the instant the offers landed. As 5G rolled out further across the country the number of O2 5G plans increased alongside, with the company offering 5G contracts from major manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and Huawei. All O2 5G deals vary in terms of data and budget, with newly released handsets often taking the lead as the most expensive.

O2 Unlimited Data Contracts

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Let’s face it, we all want more data. Whether its streaming shows on Netflix or using your phone as a sat nav, unlimited data contracts have it all covered. The faster speeds achieved by 5G networks make the most of the O2 unlimited data packages that we showcase here, but those that live in rural areas without 5G can also benefit from all you can eat data services. We all use data in one way or another, and with 5G speeds outstripping those of home broadband our mobile data requirements are sure to increase. O2 boasts a variety of unlimited data deals, from sim only unlimited data packages to contracts with brand new handsets.

Cheapest O2 Contracts

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So having access to 5G data speeds and unlimited data packages don’t bother you? Then you’re in luck, because the cheap O2 packages on offer in this section mean that any budget can take advantage of the O2 network. You need not compromise on handset choice, either. You can pick up cheap O2 deals with iPhone, Samsung and Nokia handsets, among others, with contracts that start from as little as £13 per month. Simply click the offer from the sections below that take your fancy or view all of the offers to browse our whole range of cheap O2 plans.

O2 Sim Only Deals

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Undoubtedly the cheapest way to go when looking to switch up your mobile contract is through a sim only package. The O2 sim only deals featured here include a variety of data packages that might surprise in terms of affordability. Deciding which is the best sim only O2 plan depends on both your budget and your data requirements, but you can pick up a useful amount of data without huge outlay thanks to O2’s drive to be competitive with MVNO networks like Giffgaff and iD Mobile. Of course, how much data you need depends on how you use your data. Streaming services like Netflix and Sky Sports will require a more generous data contract than music or podcast services like BBC Sounds, for example.

iPhone O2 Contracts

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For many smartphone users, the iPhone is the only place to be. The build quality, camera capabilities and privacy features make them appealing to hundreds of millions of users across the world. Around 50% of people in the UK will be browsing these O2 iPhone contracts with interest, given that is the impressive market share for iPhones in this country. Whether you are on the hunt for O2 iPhone deals on the latest handsets with unlimited data or last year’s version with a data cap, these iPhone packages have all your bases covered from one of the UK’s top network providers.

Android Deals on O2

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If iPhones are used by roughly half of smartphone users in the UK it doesn’t take a mathematician to realise the other half will be using Android. The universality of the Android operating system means that no matter which O2 Android package you choose, you will be easily able to switch from Xiaomi to Huawei, or from Google to Sony. Each manufacturer has its nuances and different modes of operation, but the Android OS and the use of Google apps like Gmail and Google Maps mean that these O2 Android deals will make the transition to your new handset seamless.

O2 Overview

O2 was born as BT Cellnet in the early 1990s, a majority-owned subsidiary of BT. BT rebranded the company to O2 in 2002 and then promptly sold it to Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica in 2006 for a cool £17.7bn. Fast forward eight years later and BT courts both O2 and EE, eventually plumping to spurn its progeny and instead turning EE into the biggest mobile network in the UK. The story has the hallmarks of a soap opera love triangle, but the fact that failed courting hasn’t held O2’s brand back is testament to the popularity of the network as much as it is to the variety and quality of the O2 phone packages on offer.

O2’s size, history and reputation means that it can offer some of the best monthly plans available on the world’s most popular smartphone handsets, including Apple, Samsung and Huawei. Couple that with an expansive 5G network that makes the most of O2 unlimited data deals and a host of sim only packages and its small wonder that O2 is hot on the heels of EE as the nation’s favourite network. 

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