EE is the mobile network provider formerly known as Everything Everywhere, and with a name like that you would expect it to have the best network coverage of any mobile operator out there. And you would be right, though the competition is close. If you are shopping for the best unlimited data packages then you will be taken with the fact, as of 2020, EE is the biggest and fastest 4G network in the UK, boasting the fastest data download speeds going. Likewise if you are after a no frills cheap network deal then there are plenty of options here for you too.

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If EE offers the fastest 4G network speeds does that mean it will also offer the best 5G monthly contracts on the UK market? Actually, yes. Between 2013 - 2020 EE was found to be the provider with the best network coverage by RootMetrics, an independent testing firm for mobile networks. This includes for 5G networks, no doubt helped by EE being the first company to switch to 5G network operation in 2019 to steal a march on its competitors. 5G might take time to roll out across the entire network but the number of EE offers for 5G contracts means there is already plenty of choice for all tastes and budgets.

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All this talk of new chips and 5G speeds might have you goggling at the screen. Maybe you’re just after a cheap EE deal that gives you a basic phone package without all the singing and dancing over 5 nanometer processors and billions of transistors. Fortunately EE cheap contracts are still a thing, and here we give you the lowdown on the best available deals for the cheapest prices. You might be surprised to find some of these phones available on a monthly contract below £20, such is the quality on show. Simply click on the phone to check the deal on offer.

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Gone are the days when unlimited minutes and text messages (remember them?) were the thing. Now we need data, data, data. With services like Spotify, Netflix and BT Sport all requiring data for their mobile streaming services, we need ee unlimited data packages to match. 5G network speeds deliver faster download speeds that will make it possible to stream more, play more and watch more, so making unlimited data packages even more of a priority. These are 21st century packages for a 21st century world, so whether you are looking for ee samsung deals or iPhone deals you are sure to find the right unlimited data package for you.

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Apple’s iPhone continues to push technical boundaries with each new release. No wonder, then, that it is still one of the most popular mobile phones on the UK market. Not only does the iPhone boast top notch security, interface and technical innovation but it also comes in a host of models, sizes and colours. Thanks to the various ee iPhone deals on offer you have access to a wide variety of models, features and styles, all delivered with Apple’s trademark panache. We have shortlisted the best iPhone offers below, though you will find more iPhone offers on our dedicated iPhone page. 

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While the iPhone may have historically been the must have mobile phone for most, the developments in Android phone technology mean that there are as many Android offers as there are for iPhones. If not more. The sheer number of manufacturers using the Android platform means you have plenty of choice, whether you prefer Google, Samsung, Huawei - or any make in between. Because Android phones use the same operating system, it means you have similarities of use between different manufacturers. This makes it even easier to switch contracts from one developer to another without fear of having to learn how to use your phone all over again. 

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Samsung was the first manufacturer to really challenge the iPhone’s dominance of the worldwide mobile phone market, achieved through technical innovations and superb build quality. That competition still rages on, with Samsung overtaking the iPhone in 2019 in terms of popularity, defined by mobile phone sales. Thanks to its diverse product range you have a variety of Samsung offers to choose from, ranging from entry level phones to the latest releases. All Samsung phones are available either through monthly contracts or sim only deals, giving you the flexibility to select the right model and the right deal at the right price.

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Google may have developed the Android operating system but there was no way the tech powerhouse was going to stop there. It entered the mobile phone market with the Nexus One in 2010, and now offers a score of handsets thanks to its Pixel phone series, available via the Google offers detailed below. As Google developed the Android system you can always expect all major Google services available via any of the monthly packages, such as Google Chrome, Google Play and Google Maps. They say that familiarity breeds contempt, but Google smartphones prove to be the exception to the rule as they become ever more popular among smartphone users.

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EE Overview

When Orange and T-Mobile came together to form Everything Everywhere, they did so with a view to creating a mobile network powerhouse for the 21st Century. After realising that Everything Everywhere was a bit of a mouthful, the company shortened its name to EE. BT bought EE in 2015, apparently following that decision and because one of the UK’s oldest communications companies loves other companies with monograms. 

Since then EE has invested billions of pounds into developing its UK 5G network and became the first UK network to launch 5G services in 2019. Does launching 5G ahead of its competitors mean that it can offer its customers more data services? In a word, yes. Customers looking for the best data packages will be taken with EE’s 5G coverage, and with average smartphone contracts running over 24 months EE likely secured the commitment of several million customers, at least in the short term.

EE compliments its superb network coverage by offering a variety of deals on handsets from top manufacturers. These come in all shapes and sizes and cater for all budgets, from simple-to-use handsets on cheap contracts to brand new releases from smartphone powerhouses like Apple and Samsung. While EE offers several data rich packages at affordable prices, it can also be counted as a network provider that caters for all. And simply because it has invested billions of pounds into making superfast network speeds a priority doesn’t mean that you have to jump on that bandwagon if you don’t want to. The important thing with EE pay monthly contracts as well as SIM only deals is the variety on offer. 

As always when making a new tech purchase each contract for each handset will have its pros and cons. Typically, those handset deals which offer cashback and free gifts will have a slightly higher monthly payment than those deals that don’t. The deal provider has to recoup the cost of the free gift somehow. But this is a guide rather than a rule, and each deal should be taken on its merits. Whichever deal you choose, you can be safe in the knowledge that EE is an excellent network provider with superb network coverage. Because of its investment in 5G networks EE has positioned itself at the top of the ladder when it comes to data service provision. Just make sure you check the 5G network coverage and that the handset you choose is 5G ready, all of which information is found on the review pages of each handset. Ultimately the choice is an individual one. And it’s yours to make.

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