If the ultimate question when choosing a new mobile contract is which handset to go for, then which network provider to pick comes a close second. If you live in a remote area that doesn’t guarantee phone signal, it might well be the other way around. To find the best mobile deal you will either have to know which providers offer the best service in your area or, if you don’t know that already, check the signal strength from each provider’s website. Most of the major networks offer WiFi calling, so if you use WiFi to make calls at home and aren’t reliant on mobile signal you have even more choice between the contract deals featured by the major networks, as well as the MVNOs.

Phone Contracts From Major Network Operators

All of the major phone networks feature a variety of mobile monthly contracts to appeal to every kind of customer. These range from 5G unlimited data deals to sim only plans that you can top up and, in some cases, roll your data over from one month to the next. Major network providers like O2, Three Mobile and EE boast contract deals from major manufacturers like iPhone, Huawei and Samsung, as well as offers from budget-focused brands like Alcatel, Emporio and Doro. The major networks compete on price, network performance and promotional offers, all of which have the ultimate effect of giving you more choice when it comes to monthly mobile contracts.

Mobile Virtual Network Operator Contracts

Don’t be put off by the mouthful of a name. Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) offer some of the best cheap contracts on the market thanks to fewer overheads. The first MVNO was Giffgaff, a separate entity from O2 launched in 2009 that operates completely online rather than across the retail network. Because of the reduction in running costs, these MVNOs can feature cheap contract offers without compromising on the quality of network connection. Other examples of MVNOs are Smarty, iD Mobile and Tesco Mobile, all of which provide various deals that range from unlimited data offers to sim only plans that provide more flexibility.

12 Month and 24 Month Network Contracts

Networks realise that smartphone users need flexibility, so offer a variety of different length contracts. You can find EE 12 month phone packages and Vodafone 24 month deals, and everywhere in between on each of the major networks. Indie MVNO networks like Giffgaff offer even more flexibility with their Goodybag plans, which you can switch out every month to increase or decrease the amount of data. Picking which is the best monthly plan is completely down to you, as each contract comes with various benefits that appeal to different customer needs. Your choice of contract and its length also depends on whether or not you opt for a free handset package or a sim only deal. Even then, you have various options if you would rather pay an upfront fee or change your monthly subscription to shorten or lengthen your contract.

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