Apart from having a name that makes it sound like a clever confection, Smarty operates as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that specialises in monthly rolling contracts and sim only deals. It is wholly owned by Three Mobile, unlike some other MVNOs like Virgin Mobile that are companies in their own right that buy bandwidth from the major networks. The benefit? Smarty phone packages have access to the same 4G speeds that all Three Mobile customers enjoy, and don’t suffer any drop in service at any point, including at peak times or when their bundles run out. The company sets out its stall on data provision, the battleground for modern day mobile contracts, and its plans range from Smarty unlimited data deals right down to cheap data packages that start from as little as 1GB. Thanks to Three Mobile, you can be sure that Smarty enjoys excellent network access with the added benefit of totally flexible mobile deals that roll from one month to the next.

Big Data Sim Only Deals

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Big Data Sim Only Deals

Smarty goes big on data, knocking some of its competitors out of the park with the 3G and 4G data packages it features. Smarty contracts start from 1GB and move up in increments in data for less than £10 per month, while the company regularly features monthly sales to boost your data options even further. All Smarty’s phone packages take shape as rolling monthly contracts, though because you pay in advance via a credit or debit card no customer needs to face a direct debit or credit check. The Smarty sim only data packages therefore feature all the benefits of a pay as you go sim while also taking advantage of cheap data costs in a best of both worlds kind of deal. However, there is a but. The compromise comes if you are looking for free handset phone deals or 5G data offers, of which Smarty offers neither. For those kinds of plans you will have to look at Smarty’s parent company, Three Mobile, or any of the other network providers we feature on the site. 

Data is the most important factor in most phone packages today, and Smarty clearly understands this as it features some of the most competitive unlimited data packages on the market. Smarty goes toe to toe with the likes of Giffgaff and Virgin Mobile as well as major networks like EE and O2, not only in its unlimited data monthly contracts but also the various cheap sim only data packages it offers. All Smarty deals are sim only plans, and all are rolling monthly contracts. If you are on the hunt for a new Samsung or iPhone package you are better off looking elsewhere. However, if you are happy with your current handset and are looking to save money on your monthly premiums then you need not look any further than a Smarty data deal. 

Smarty Overview

On top of the variety of cheap Smarty data packages the company features, it also distinguishes itself from its competitors by offering some innovative features with a set proportion of its contracts. The Smarty Data Discount plans give customers money back for unused data, up to a maximum of £3 per month depending on the amount of unused data. Smarty backs up this “better to have it and not need it” approach by offering add ons that never expire, so any additions you purchase when your data is running low will roll on and on until you use them. In 2020 Smarty also introduced Group Plans, which see you save 10% off every sim you add on across your devices, which apply to any sim deal the company features.

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