Emporia launched in the UK in 2020, but has a history in Austria that dates back to its origins in 1991, so has plenty of pedigree. The company’s UK launch saw it release four handsets, though it’s Austrian catalogue is wider. The soft-launch saw it focus on four handsets, all of which were easy-to-use phones that feature simple navigation and don’t rely on hundreds of multimedia applications. This approach takes aim at Doro and Nokia, in particular, who tailor their phones for the elderly market, but also for those who don’t find appeal in the complicated handsets many manufacturers release. There are plenty of smartphone users who will like this approach, though it is likely there are as many who feel the opposite and enjoy the plethora of apps and in-built features that many premium smartphones enjoy.

If you are on the hunt for a cheap mobile contract and a handset that is simple to use you can often save money on the type of handset that comes with your contract. But just because a handset is simple to use and affordable doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on quality. In fact, Emporio handsets are the opposite. They come with an average handset price of around £90, not as low cost as some other handsets but still way below the kind of outlay you would have to make for the latest Huawei handset packages, for example, whether you were buying a new handset with a sim only deal or a long term contract with one of the major networks.

In Austria, Emporio mobile contracts are available across both major and minor networks, including Vodafone and Orange, which we would recognise as one of the parent companies of the EE network in the UK. The products themselves feature large displays and magnifying functions to make viewing easier, and are also designed with specialist speakers that are compatible with hearing aids. Many smartphone contracts, with Xiaomi free handset deals being just one example, offer individual handset settings and modifications or are compatible with applications that can be downloaded from Google Play to help those who are hard of sight or hearing. Where Emporia handsets stand apart is in their design specification to offer these as standard features within their handsets.

Thanks to a limited, focussed catalogue, your choice of Emporia phone packages is smaller than bigger Android manufacturers like LG or Sony. But sometimes having less choice makes for easy decision making. The number of mobile plans available from scores of major and minor networks means you can often spend hours browsing mobile deals without actually settling on a choice. 

The various phone packages we detail on Best Mobile Contracts are designed and organised to make your choices easier, so you can browse the best phone offers by network, by manufacturer or even by the type of contract you prefer. Emporia mobiles take up a unique place in the mobile and smartphone market, and offer easy usability as well as being cost effective.

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