Virgin Mobile paved the way for the concept of MVNOs when it became the first such operator in the UK, way back in 1999. With the weight of the Virgin brand behind it, Virgin Mobile had the infrastructure and the knowhow to provide a variety of innovative phone contracts to the growing number of mobile phone users in the UK. When Virgin Mobile launched it did so by leasing network bandwidth from One2One, which later became T-Mobile and then merged with Orange to form EE. By reselling the network under the Virgin Mobile brand Virgin could offer cheap mobile contracts to compete with the big networks of the time, Vodafone, Orange and BT Cellnet. Because of its MVNO status Virgin Mobile still offers various smartphone deals through monthly contracts, pay as you go plans and handset packages with free gifts.

Virgin Mobile Cheapest Deals

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The cheap Virgin Mobile deals we feature on Best Mobile Contracts highlights just how affordable some of the monthly plans are. To compete with other MVNOs like Giffgaff and VOXI, Virgin Mobile offers flexible plans that you can switch each month to cater for your constantly changing requirements. Virgin Mobile also offers data rollover as standard, meaning you can save money on cheap Virgin data contracts by rolling data over from one month to the next. Thanks to Virgin Mobile’s Freestyle contracts you can also spread your monthly payments over a longer period to lower the everyday cost.

Virgin Mobile 5G Data Contracts

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All of Virgin Mobile’s contracts come with 4G as standard, with 99% full 4G network coverage. When you search for a Virgin 5G package you have access to all of the benefits of the Virgin range of contract offers, with the use of a 5G handset. The crucial part of taking out a Virgin 5G package is the handset with which you intend to use. If it is a sim only 5G deal you have chosen, you have to make sure that your selected handset is 5G capable. 5G handsets are available from Android smartphone manufacturers like Huawei, LG and Sony, while iPhones were among the first handsets to be 5G ready. 

Virgin Mobile Unlimited Data Contracts

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With mobile data services the most sought after contracts, Virgin Mobile competes with the likes of O2, Vodafone and EE by offering some of the best unlimited data packages on a range of handsets or sim only deals. These plans vary from free handset Virgin Mobile contracts to monthly payment plans with upfront costs, but thanks to Virgin’s Freestyle contracts you also have the option to spread the cost out over a longer period, stretching it over 24, 36 or 48 months. You then have the option to switch your unlimited data package every 30 days, competing with the Goodybag contracts offered by Giffgaff to customers looking for more flexibility from their phone contracts.

Best iPhone Deals on Virgin Mobile

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If you are a lover of Apple smartphones the Virgin Mobile iPhone offers give you plenty of choice from the Apple range. The latest iPhone handsets are 5G capable, and each one offers improvements on its predecessor in terms of security, performance and display. However, if you are looking for a cheap iPhone contract you can also opt for a slightly older handset, with various models available across the Virgin Mobile range. The Virgin Mobile iPhone packages are typically spread out over 24 or 36 months, and come in a variety of colours, storage options and even appear in Apple bundles together with other Apple products.

Best Android Phone Contracts on Virgin Mobile

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Virgin Mobile offers a variety of Android handsets on its monthly payment plans, including from major manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei and Sony and niche suppliers such as Fairphone and OPPO. Thanks to a range of specialised Virgin Mobile Android phone deals you have plenty of options for unlimited data, new handsets and long and short term contracts. Virgin Mobile is famous for including plenty of choice when it comes to additional contract offers, which take shape as extra bolt ons you can add to your Android contract to boost the amount of monthly data included for your phone or tablet.

Virgin Mobile Sim Only Deals

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The sheer variety of the Virgin Mobile sim only contracts on display shows the company’s commitment to diversity within its mobile contract range. The benefits of sim only plans are clear - first and foremost the biggest benefit is more for your money. By keeping your current handset you can either reduce the monthly cost of your plan or upgrade the amount of data you get included in your contract. All Virgin Mobile sim only packages are available on both 12 month and 24 month contracts and range from unlimited data sim only deals  all the way down to 1gb data per month. 

Virgin Mobile Overview

It is not just thanks to the history of Virgin Mobile or its regularly updated promotional bundles that appeals to smartphone users. Virgin Mobile monthly plans feature spending cap options to stop you paying extra for using too much data, and data rollovers to make sure you don’t waste any. For millions of UK smartphone users, Virgin Mobile monthly contracts and sim only deals are the first point of call when seeking out their latest mobile phone deal.

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