Free Apple Airpods

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Apple knows how to make something sound cool. These free Apple Airpods deals will have you dreaming of silken sounds, as much as they will make you salivate at getting these lush pieces of kit for free. Apple Airpods offer seamless connection to your iPhone, making sure you never miss a beat. They are super sleek and lightweight, and retail well over £100 if you were to buy them legit, so bagging them for free with your pay monthly iPhone contract is a no-brainer.

Free Beats by Dre

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Beats by Dre are some of the most popular pieces of audio tech on the market, boasting as many varieties as the Master of Mixology has had hits. Unlike Apple Airpods they are fitted over-ear headphones, boasting superb sound quality, excellent battery life and a snug fit. Like cuddling Dre himself, then. You can choose from a host of networks that offer free Beats by Dre pay monthly phone deals, including majors like Vodafone and Three Mobile and MVNO giveaway monsters like iD Mobile. 

Free Samsung Galaxy Earbuds

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Having a monster range of smartphone handsets that push boundaries like a hippie at a demonstration, it is only fitting that Samsung has developed a set of Earbuds that do its handsets and tablets justice. Networks like Three Mobile have been offering free Samsung Galaxy Earbud deals with its phone handsets pretty much since Samsung developed them, though it is important to remember that other networks and handsets are available. But with exceptional ratings, superior sound quality and excellent design, it is no surprise that free Samsung Galaxy Earbud phone packages are some of the most sought after among retailers and networks alike.

Free Sony Headphones

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With catchy names for its headphones like the Sony WH-1000XM4 it is some wonder that Sony headphones get a look in on their sleekly named rivals from Samsung, Apple and, um, Dr. Dre. But what Sony lacks in creative imagination it makes up for in technical prowess, with the free Sony headphones mobile deals undoubtedly some of the most sought after packages online. These supreme pieces of kit boast noise cancellation, multipoint pairing and extreme audio upscaling, giving your ears the ride of their lives.

Free Fitbit Phone Packages

Fitbits are there to help you get fit, as the name might suggest. They connect to your phone, whether you have bagged an EE iphone deal or an Android phone package, to help you stay on track of your fitness and chart your physical activity. They are easy to use, boast excellent displays and come in a range of styles so you can easily accessorize. Oh, and with these phone packages they are absolutely free.

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