When Three UK launched in March 2003 it took on the telecoms giants of O2, Vodafone and, at the time, Orange and T-Mobile (which later became EE in 2010). To take on these super networks, Three Mobile pursued a strategy of cheap mobile contracts and rapid infrastructure improvement and became the first mobile network to meet its regulatory requirement of 80% population coverage in the UK. Three has pedigree all over the world thanks to its parent company, CK Hutchison Holdings, which is a Hong Kong-based multinational conglomerate operating in over 50 countries. All Three Mobile monthly phone contracts take advantage of Three UK’s extensive 4G and 5G network coverage, and come in all shapes and sizes, including free handset deals, 5G data packages and sim only plans.

Best 5G Three Contracts

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Three was the last of the big four UK networks to launch 5G in the UK, but it has quickly caught up with its competitors thanks to its ambitious plan to provide 5G coverage to 80% of its network by 2023. As a result of its rapid expansion all Three Mobile 5G packages offer excellent connectivity and come in a range of handsets from some of the world’s best smartphone manufacturers, including Apple, Xiaomi and Samsung. Three structures its 5G data contracts through a variety of upfront cost handsets, cashback offers and unlimited data packages, affording plenty of choice to anyone looking for a new mobile deal.

Three Bargain Contracts

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Despite being one of the major networks, Three has a variety of cheap monthly contract offers in its catalogue, including major manufacturers from Xiaomi and OnePlus. Alongside its full term contracts you can also choose between the Three pay as you go contracts, which have a minimum top up of £10 per month but no other monthly costs. Depending on your data use, you might find that a Three monthly contract offers better value than a pay as you go phone. This is entirely up to you and dependent on your data and call requirements as all Three pay as you go deals charge by the minute, by the text or by mb of data that you use.

Three Unlimited Data Contracts

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With such extensive 4G and 5G network coverage it is no surprise to see Three unlimited data deals across a variety of handsets including from major manufacturers. These monthly plans come in a number of different formats including 12 month and 24 month packages, though the price for those deals varies along with the term of the contract. Even if you are happy with your current handset, Three Mobile competes with the likes of Giffgaff and VOXI to offer unlimited data sim only plans that take shape as one month contracts. As far as unlimited data deals go, Three has enough across every deal type to cover all bases.

Three Mobile Sim Only Deals

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There are clear advantages of the Three sim only contracts, including keeping your current handset and minimising your monthly outlay. All mobile phone deals cost more when you order a brand new handset, even if it is a free handset package. In those instances the cost of the handset is built in to the term of the contract, whether it be over 12, 24 or 36 months. In Three’s sim only contract offers, you have options for 1 month, 12 month or 24 month plans, and have data options that start from 1gb and increase incrementally right up to unlimited data deals

iPhone Deals on Three Mobile

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The iPhone revolutionised the mobile phone landscape when it promised us a vision of a phone that could be much more than that. It was a music player, a mobile computer, a personal shopper in your pocket. The Three iPhone packages are some of the most browsed on the company’s website, which shows just how popular Apple’s phone brand is. iPhones offer seamless integration with other Apple tech products as well as superb technical performance and display quality, making them must haves for many smartphone users. All of the Three Mobile iPhone deals feature enough variation for those looking for cheap plans as well as users wanting phone packages with all bells and whistles, such as unlimited 5G data.

Three Mobile Overview

Three mobile followed up its rapid expansion of its UK 4G network with promises to expand just as rapidly with 5G, making it an excellent choice when it comes to choosing 5G phone packages for every smartphone user. As a major network Three Mobile has powered over 15 MVNOs, smaller networks that piggyback off its network bandwidth. Both iD Mobile and Superdrug Mobile are powered on the Three network, while Smarty is Three’s own MVNO. Smarty takes its lead from Three not only from its network but also in its award winning approach to contract offers.

But it is not just Three’s MVNOs that have won awards. In 2020 Three scooped three gongs at the Mobile Industry Awards for Innovation of the Year, Best Network for Data and Campaign of the Year. Given that many modern smartphone users hunt unlimited data plans as much as they do their favourite handsets, these awards show Three Mobile is ideally placed to offer the best data packages for the modern user. Both Samsung and iPhone feature heavily in Three’s product catalogue, giving the network the most advanced handsets to match its best contract plans, with plenty of other options from manufacturers as diverse as OnePlus, Xiaomi and Alcatel

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