How many Gs can data take? Thankfully, scoring 5G data mobile deals doesn’t make your face all wobbly like 5G does in a fighter jet, even though the speeds are actually faster. With 5G contracts you can say goodbye to any kind of lag when browsing, gaming or streaming on your smartphone.

When picking the best of anything, you have a series of questions to ask yourself. The same is true for the best 5G data contracts provided by any mobile network. All of the EE 5G data plans come with what the network calls Smart Benefits, for example, while other providers might promote free gift offers with 5G contracts to offer you more value for your deal. Some networks compete solely on price, with the Three Mobile 5G data packages taking on the likes of Vodafone, O2 and EE in terms of monthly costs. As always when choosing a new mobile contract, be sure to check the 5G coverage each provider offers in the area where you live or work. 

Cheap 5G Data Contracts

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New technology is always more expensive on its release. You only have to look at a new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy release to know that. But you do have options to find cheap 5G packages among various networks, including from major networks like O2 and Vodafone. Opting for a smaller data package will drop the cost of your monthly payments, as will choosing to keep your handset and take out a 5G data sim only deal. However, this would only be an option if your smartphone handset was already 5G ready, like the iPhone 12 or Samsung Galaxy S21.

12 Month 5G Contracts

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Plenty of providers still offer 12 month 5G deals alongside 24 month and even 36 month contracts, though your choice of 12 month package might depend on the type of handset you are looking for. Generally, but not exclusively, 12 month 5G phone deals include an upfront charge, with the cheapest 5G 12 month packages lowering the amount of 5G data included in your monthly contract. The less data you use, the lower the cost of your plan. As far as the major networks go, the O2 12 month 5G deals are some of the most competitive, as some of the other major networks don’t offer 12 month 5G phone deals at all, focusing instead on 24 month and 36 month offers.

iPhone 5G Data Contracts

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When the iPhone 12 and its various sister handsets were released in 2020, it became the first 5G iPhone handset to launch in the UK. Every major mobile operator offered iPhone 5G data deals way before the handset went live, and with every subsequent iPhone handset since. The superfast A14 Bionic chips in iPhone 12 handsets and beyond make ideal use of 5G network speeds. Small wonder that iPhone 5G contracts are popular among gamers and amateur filmmakers, coupling the undoubted technical excellence of the handsets with superfast download and upload speeds of the world’s fastest mobile network.

Android 5G Data Contracts

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Android handset manufacturers were ahead of the curve in making 5G ready handsets, with Samsung 5G deals made available as early as May 2019. Various Android manufacturers boast handsets that can take advantage of superfast network speeds, including Huawei, Xiaomi and Google. With such fierce competition comes opportunity for anyone shopping for the best Android 5G data deals, with options ranging from 1GB of data right up to unlimited 5G data Android contracts. While iPhone packages revolve solely around one kind of handset (albeit with plenty of variations), the variety of Android manufacturers ensure much more choice when it comes to picking out a new Android 5G phone plan.

Sky Mobile 5G Contracts

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The Sky Mobile 5G packages the network operator provides aren’t limited to any one manufacturer. They are available on iPhone and a variety of Android handsets, including Samsung and Huawei. Sky Mobile’s 5G network is powered by the O2 network, giving anyone shopping for Sky Mobile 5G deals confidence of comprehensive coverage. As O2 expands its infrastructure, Sky Mobile customers benefit from greater coverage, and to offer more value to its customers Sky Mobile offers free gift packages and money back offers as incentives for customers looking for new handset contracts.

Vodafone 5G Data Contracts

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Vodafone was the second major network operator to launch 5G services in the UK, hot on the heels of the EE 5G network in July 2019. Vodafone has one of the biggest varieties of 5G packages of any network, boasting a selection of handset deals from Apple, Samsung and Google, as well as some 5G phones from Nokia, Sony and Motorola. You can also pick up Vodafone 5G unlimited data sim only packages, with options to score extra value from your deal by adding discounted subscriptions to services that make the most of the 5G data network speeds like Amazon Prime, YouTube Premium and Spotify.

Three 5G Data Contracts

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From the moment it launched, Three Mobile has taken on Vodafone, O2 and EE when it comes to price. The Three Mobile 5G Data deals are no different, with contracts available on new handsets from Huawei, Samsung and Apple’s iPhone, as well as Xiaomi. The Three Mobile 5G data packages are structured either as free handset deals or with some upfront charges followed by lower monthly fees. The Three Mobile 5G sim only packages come in a variety of formats, including one month rolling 5G data deals, a super flexible option that isn’t always offered by major network operators.

What are the benefits of 5G data packages?

The main benefit of the 5G network is its speed. 5G connections boast speeds up to 100 times faster than 4G and 10 times faster than any home broadband services. This not only provides the ability to stream movies, shows and sports more seamlessly, but the low latency of the 5G network (less lag, to you and I) makes for less interference and better efficiency. This will allow technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to become even more advanced, and also mean fewer breakdowns in service. In short, 5G data contracts give you more reliability, greater connection speed and more potential.

Do I need a 5G unlimited data contract?

The question of whether you need an unlimited data 5G plan or a capped data use contract is always personal. Every mobile operator offers a variety of packages to suit the needs of different individuals. Do you use a lot of data? Do you stream sports or watch HD films on your mobile? Are you a keen gamer? The low latency of the 5G network means you can play games like League of Legends online with gamers across the globe, with zero lag. Check your data use on your current handset and choose your plan accordingly. If you are unsure, why not look at a Three Mobile one month rolling 5G package to give you an idea of the amount of data you are likely to use (though you would still need to pay for a 5G handset, if you don’t have one already.)

Do I need a 5G handset to use the 5G network?

Yes! Well, mostly. In order to access the greater speeds and lower latency of the 5G network that will speed up your connection and eliminate lag, you will need a 5G handset. You can use the 4G network with a 5G handset, but not the other way round. However, 4G phone customers will benefit from the 5G network because the 5G rollout will enhance 4G network capacity. As a result, 4G customers don’t necessarily need 5G data plans in order to benefit from the 5G network. These speed increases for 4G customers will be minimal, though, and as time goes on there will be more reliance and requirement for 5G services. 

Are the best 5G contracts dependent on where I live?

As 5G rolls out across the UK, different service providers will boast different coverage levels. At the start of 2021 the Vodafone 5G packages claimed to be the best available for London, while the other major mobile networks - EE, O2 and Three Mobile - all provide services to towns and cities across the UK. If you happen to live and work in a strong 5G area for any one of those networks it makes sense for you to take advantage of the strong coverage. If you have purchased a 5G handset separately from any network, make sure your phone is unlocked to your chosen 5G sim only data contract provider. 

Are 5G data contracts always more expensive?

When 4G launched in the UK the new infrastructure costs were passed on to customers in the shape of more expensive monthly contracts. The same is true of 5G. Mobile companies invest in infrastructure - new masts and transmitting technology - which makes 5G unlimited data contracts more expensive. However, the benefits of 5G to smartphone users are huge, and competition is rife. These factors result in excellent quality products at competitive prices. With over 1billion 5G contract holders worldwide projected by 2023, the infrastructure and increased use of 5G will ensure the price of pay monthly 5G data deals continues to fall.

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