Vodafone is one of the most recognised brands in the world, and with operations in over 20 countries it’s easy to see why. Major sports sponsorship deals with Manchester United, McLaren and Beshiktas have helped, but ultimately it is the variety of excellent iPhone and Android contracts the network offers coupled with superb 4G and 5G coverage that sees millions of customers flock to Vodafone when switching their smartphone packages. Vodafone’s best mobile deals come in the form of sim only packages as well monthly plans that vary in length from 12 to 24 months. Whether you are on the hunt for the latest iPhone deal, Android handset or 5G unlimited data sim, Vodafone has plenty of choice. As one of the leaders of 5G network provision, Vodafone offers both 4G and 5G contracts to suit all budgets.

Vodafone 5G Data Contracts

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As one of the leaders of the 5G rollout in the UK, Vodafone is ideally placed to market its 5G data contracts to UK smartphone users. The download speeds that the 5G network delivers offer plenty of appeal for smartphone users across the board, whether you are an iPhone user with regular heavy data use or simply someone who likes to stay connected wherever you are. Thanks to its extensive network at home and abroad, Vodafone offers 5G services across Europe, making it a 5G superpower for anyone who travels extensively for business or for pleasure.

Vodafone Unlimited Data Contracts

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You don’t have to have a 5G handset to want Vodafone unlimited data packages, with 4G set to continue in the UK until at least 2030. The Vodafone unlimited data plans come in tiers, with each tier becoming progressively more comprehensive as they increase. The highest and most expensive tier offers maximum download speeds that allow ultra HD viewing and super-fast downloads, along with all the benefits that come from the lower tiered unlimited data plans. Because of Vodafone’s extensive network across Europe, the company includes free data roaming as standard to 51 locations at the end of 2020, with that number only set to increase.

Cheapest Vodafone Mobile Phone Contracts

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With its huge infrastructure and wide commercial interests you might think that all Vodafone mobile deals would be premiumly priced, but that is not the case. There are a number of Vodafone cheap contracts available across a host of handsets and manufacturers. This means that you can pick up Vodafone cheap packages directly from Vodafone without having to visit a third party reseller, while spreading your contract plan over a longer period is an excellent way to reduce your monthly spend. These affordable packages come in all shapes and sizes, from free handset contracts to 12 month deals. 

Vodafone Sim Only Deals

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You don’t have to sign up to a new free handset plan to get the widespread advantages of the Vodafone network. All of the Vodafone sim only offers featured in this section provide excellent alternatives to new handsets, all of which will either reduce your mobiles costs or upgrade your package because you are choosing to keep your current handset. The Vodafone sim only packages range from 12 month terms to 24 month deals, and feature a host of data allowances that start from as little as 1gb and range right up to include unlimited data packages. These Vodafone sim only deals will no doubt be appealing to all environmentally minded phone users, in that you are continuing to use a handset rather than ordering a new one.

Best iPhone Deals on Vodafone

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All of the major UK phone networks offer iPhone plans as part of their contract packages, and the Vodafone iPhone deals showcase the Apple phone’s versatile range. As a manufacturer, Apple strives to deliver technological improvements with each new handset, with simplicity, usability and technical excellence as its watchwords. As a result, the latest iPhone contracts tend to be either short term with upfront costs or free handset packages that are longer term, over 24 months or longer. If you are searching for cheap Vodafone iPhone deals then looking at slightly older iPhone handsets might not offer the latest release but are useful options as they nevertheless maintain Apple’s quality that the American tech giant builds into every handset design as standard.

Best Android Phone Contracts on Vodafone

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The sheer variety of manufacturers that release smartphones on the Android operating system is one of the main benefits of the Vodafone Android deals you find on these pages. You can switch handsets easily from Samsung to Huawei, or Sony to LG and still maintain continuity with your previous Android phone. Because each manufacturer features its own range, this opens the Vodafone Android packages up to literally hundreds of handsets. You can filter these contracts by budget, contract term or contract type to narrow your search, with unlimited 5G data deals and regular monthly plans available. 

Vodafone Overview

On top of the sheer variety of Vodafone mobile packages the network has to offer, it also boasts a VeryMe Rewards program that offers tailored weekly treats and giveaways to its customers based on their preferences. These might be free movie rentals or hampers delivered to your door, which is a nice addition to mobile contracts to elevate them and set them apart from competitors. Meanwhile, the Vodafone app lets you track your data usage, keep track of your spending and manage your account.

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