When Apple launched the first iPhone in 2007 it transformed phone use forever. Its iOS operating system is based on the Apple OS used in Apple Mac laptops and desktops, and is designed to seamlessly integrate all of your Apple devices across iPhone, iPad and Macbook.

iOS Contracts

All iOS contracts are iPhone contracts, because iOS is the name of the operating system used exclusively by Apple phones. The best pay monthly iPhone packages come in all shapes and sizes, from brand new 5G handsets to slightly older models that don’t have 5G capability but still retain the technical excellence of the iOS system. The various contracts available range from cheap iPhone deals to all singing, all dancing iPhone 5G unlimited data plans that have all your bases covered. If you are unsure which is the best iPhone deal for you, take a look at the Best Mobile Contracts iPhone page for a more detailed technical breakdown of various iPhones available on UK mobile networks. 

iPhone Sim Free Deals

Do you like the idea of mixing and matching a sim only deal to your own choice of iPhone? The various pay monthly iPhone plans available at UK mobile networks do have most bases covered, but sometimes there is nothing like personalising your package so it is all yours, from start to finish. In these instances choosing from a range of iPhone sim free offers is a great start to your mix and match adventure. Plus, when you compare the iPhone sim free packages on sale at various retailers you might find that savings can be made compared to taking a fully fledged iPhone plan packaged up by a mobile network.

Is buying a sim free iPhone cheaper than taking an iPhone pay monthly contract?

Yes...and no! There are two ways to look at sim free phone deals. First, you have to buy the phone upfront yourself. If you have that kind of cash sitting around and waiting to go, then sim free phone deals can prove great ways to save money. Some mobile networks charge interest on the pay monthly mobile plans they feature, meaning you can pay more for your phone in the long run. The major networks like EE, Vodafone and O2 don’t tend to charge interest, while some smaller MVNOs do. The downside of sourcing your own sim free phone is the hassle it causes. You have to source the phone and the sim separately, they arrive separately, you have two different agreements with retailer and network provider. Overall, there are pros and cons to each method.

What are the cheapest sim free iPhone deals?

Generally speaking, older handsets are cheaper than new ones. This is the case not just for iPhone sim free packages, but also for Android phones too. It is not always the case that the latest handsets are  improvements on their predecessors, either. A big part in choosing a new iPhone sim free plan is your necessity for it to be 5G ready. Only the iPhone 12 and upwards are 5G capable, which affects your choice of handset. If you want 5G tech and the super speed it brings, you’re going to have to pay extra for it. 

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