What better way to sweeten a smartphone deal than by offering a free tablet to go with? From Amazon Kindles to Samsung Galaxy Tabs and iPads, retailers know just how to get your gadget juices flowing.  

Smartphones with free iPad deals

You don’t have to take out new iPhone contracts in order to land a free iPad package. Retailers offer pay monthly free iPad packages with Android phones as well, though thanks to the iOS operating system that both iPads and iPhones use they are designed to complement each other. That said, there is no harm in using an iPad as a tablet, without the multiple device integration with which intention Apple builds them. You can find free iPad packages on networks like EE, Vodafone and O2 at various promotional periods throughout the year. They are some of the most popular offers of any promotion, so you’ve got to be quick when you see them!

Free Amazon Kindle phone packages

Every Amazon Kindle release improves on the last. When they launched they took aim at ebooks, accessing Amazon’s vast collection of ebooks, and contributing to the $2bn of ebook sales in 2019. Today, Kindles are much more than that. The free Kindle Fire Vodafone packages are a common promotion from the UK’s third largest network, but you also see free Kindle Fire packages on the EE, O2 and Three Mobile networks. The free Kindle offers will automatically be added to your order when you head to checkout, so no need to worry about redeeming or adding codes to your baskets.

About Free Tablet Deals

There is no doubt that the iPad revolutionised the world of tablets, how we thought of them and how we used them. Suddenly, free iPad phone deals became some of the most sought after pay monthly contracts ever. Just as the iPhone invigorated the smartphone market before it, the iPad proved a milestone in tablet development. Before its launch in 2010, tablets were solidly based around traditional PC architecture rather than the sleek touchscreen interface iOS delivers - and is now the norm for tablets and smartphones manufactured anywhere across the world. 

Following the release of the iPad in 2010 - and 15 million unit sales that year - 80 new tablet designs were unveiled by manufacturers at the Consumer Electronics show in 2011. These included the Samsung Galaxy tab, one of the chief competitors of the iPad to this date. Apple might have got the drop on its competitors, but Samsung, Huawei and later Google proved that there’s more to tablet life than iPads. With each of those major players manufacturing their own Android tablets, they are in ideal positions to feature free Android tablet phone deals to customers across the world.

Are tablets losing popularity? In 2019 tablet sales decreased a whopping 0.6%, causing the Twittersphere to go into meltdown. Are they waning? Can a 0.6% drop be considered a wain? Not if the free tablet phone deals are anything to go by. If anything, falling sales will only ramp up promotions, which is where we come in.

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