LG competes with the likes of Samsung not only in smartphone handset development and manufacture but also in wider electronics, with the South Korean manufacturer recording tens of billions of dollars in revenue year on year. With that kind of pedigree it is no surprise that LG can offer a catalogue of handsets that score from entry level to top of the range. With such broad appeal mobile network providers feature LG handset offers among their monthly contract deals as standard, including LG unlimited data plans and cheap sim only contracts. LG holds its own as it strives to compete with Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei for the mantle of most popular android smartphone manufacturer.

LG Unlimited Data Contracts

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With LG’s background in home electronics already making it a household name there is plenty of appeal for its smartphone handsets that come with bags of data. O2, 3 Mobile and Vodafone all offer LG unlimited data plans on a variety of the manufacturer’s top handsets, with smaller providers like GiffGaff also offering versions of max data packages like its Always On range. When 5G data plans became available network providers introduced a slew of unlimited data offers as data use increased among smartphone users. With unlimited data on many shoppers’ lists when they seek out new mobile contracts the offers available on LG handsets offer plenty of appeal.

LG 5G Data Phone Contracts

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While unlimited data plans aren’t the be all and end all for smartphone users, the scores of LG 5G offers will appeal to many. You don’t have to use bucketloads of data to appreciate the breathtaking download speeds of 5G network coverage, and network providers offer complete ranges of monthly 5G packages to suit users’ needs. LG prepared for the roll out of 5G by designing a range of releases to make the most of the increased speed and opportunity that 5G would represent, including the V50 ThinQ, one of the earliest handsets ready for 5G capability when 5G rolled out in the UK in 2019. When it comes to mobile contract offers the general rule is the newer the model, the more expensive the handset and the longer the monthly contract term. But that isn’t always the case, as these LG deals will testify.

Cheap LG Phone Contracts

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The scope of LG’s handset catalogue means that networks have flexibility when it comes to the LG contract offers they can provide. While smaller networks like ID Mobile and TalkMobile might have carved themselves a niche of providing no cheap mobile plans to cater for those with a budget, major networks such as O2 and 3 Mobile also like to cater for all customers’ needs. The upshot for anyone looking for the best cheap LG phone plans means there is plenty of choice thanks to the healthy competition. The LG phone deals in this section all focus on budget plans, offering excellent variety along the way.

12 Month LG Mobile Contracts

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To cover the cost of brand new premium mobile handsets, network providers introduced 24 month contracts to spread customers’ costs over a longer period and lower their monthly plan cost. However, there are ways around this, including an introductory up front charge followed by regular monthly payments or higher monthly payment options. These are not the only options when it comes to 12 month LG phone contract offers, though, as networks seek to provide flexibility to shoppers. Click the links below to see the offers in detail, or alternatively you can view all of the 12 month LG mobile deals by following the link to the right.

Free LG Handset With Contract

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While some people looking for the best LG deals will have an eye on those contracts that have a shorter term, you might be more concerned with landing a free LG handset with your monthly plan. LG boasts a large handset directory that ranges from new entry level price points up to tech-heavy latest designs, and mobile networks reflect this diversity in the plans they offer. Many networks like EE include free LG handsets with their contract offers and might alter the length of their monthly deals in order to make your chosen  handset available for free. 

LG Networks

When you search for LG monthly phone plans on your favourite network it is likely that you will have an idea of the network you are looking for. However, each individual network provider’s contract plans come with their own benefits, so be sure to check out other networks. If you are unsure if a network delivers effective signal in your area you can use each provider’s network coverage checker to double check your signal. Smaller networks like Smarty and Voxi rent network signal from the major providers, so you might find the cheap offers from the smaller providers give you as much coverage as the contract deals from the larger networks like EE and Vodafone.

LG Phone Overview

LG’s parent company LG Electronics has a rich history that dates back to the 1950s, when it was formed as GoldStar. LG entered mobile phone manufacture in 2010, building on its success as the world’s largest manufacturers of LCD screens the year before. With serious pedigree as a manufacturer of technical products, shoppers looking for the best contract offers will do worse than to consider LG’s products.

LG’s smartphones are all built on the Android platform, bringing with them integral Google services like GMail, Google Maps and Google Photos. You will find LG contract offers on all of our featured mobile networks, including EE, O2 and GifGaff. LG’s main competition comes from Xiaomi and Huawei, with whom LG competes over technical specifications such as screen and camera quality and battery life. LG phones draw on the expertise of LG Electronics to provide a series of smartphones that are on one end comfortable taking on higher end models and on the other competing with entry level products, and everywhere in between. The company’s mass appeal is attractive to networks providing monthly LG contracts because of the variety and diversity the LG handsets bring.

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