BT dates back to 1846 and the formation of the Electric Telegraph Company, so no wonder that mobile network users of all ages will recognise British Telecom as a household name. It only became BT in 1980, but progressed from there to not only provide fixed line and broadband services but also monthly mobile packages, not only in the UK but in 180 countries around the world. History fans will know that the O2 network used to be part of BT, which BT sold in 2001, leaving BT to start a new network all of its own. Now, and perhaps confusingly, BT also owns the EE network to combine BT’s fixed line and broadband services with some of the best mobile contracts that any network has to offer, including unlimited data deals, cheap monthly plans and 12 month contract offers.

Cheap BT Sim Only Deals

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As a major supplier of broadband and fixed line phone services BT is constantly offering promotions for its services, and its mobile services are no different. You are even more likely to find a cheap BT phone deal for your mobile than you are when joining as a new customer to its broadband services. This is because BT can offer more options and flexibility in its mobile phone contract offers than it can on its broadband provision, but it also means that BT can offer cross-platform deals that can see you score cheap mobile packages on the BT network if you are a BT broadband customer. However, the good news for anyone with any other broadband provider comes in the knowledge that BT offers as many cheap phone contracts to those who aren’t already broadband customers as those that are. 

BT 12 Month Sim Only Deals

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Many customers search for 12 month BT Mobile deals because of the appeal of not being tied down to one network provider for longer. 24 month contracts are the norm in new handset deals, while sim only plans tend to provide more flexibility. However, BT 12 month packages come in all shapes and sizes, including basic cheap offers that start from 1GB data per month and range upwards of 60GB. These 12 month BT contracts are often financed either through higher monthly payments for the length of the deal or by paying an upfront cost for your new handset. In the case of BT’s 12 month sim only deals you are troubled by neither, and simply pay for the package that you best feel fits your mobile data requirements.

BT Sim Only With Free BT Sports

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The rate that technology progresses often means that mobile phone users find plenty of appeal in the latest handset offers that top manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and Huawei release. However, plenty of customers recognise the value in sim only contracts when they search for BT deals. You can often halve your monthly contract payments when you switch to a sim only BT plan, and bag more 5G data when you do. If you are happy with your current handset then sim only deals - whether they come in the shape of 12 month or 24 month contracts - are great options to have to reduce your monthly outlay. The money you save on a sim only BT package can always be put towards a brand new iPhone or Samsung at the end of your contract term.

BT Overview

BT Mobile has ties with all of the major smartphone handset providers, and offers monthly plans to its customers from the likes of Apple, Google and LG, plus all of the other major handset providers. Because BT Mobile uses the EE network it can ensure its prices of 5G data bundles, 12 month contracts and sim only plans remain competitive while providing the best possible network coverage across the UK. 

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