Samsung was the first android phone manufacturer to challenge Apple’s domination of the smartphone market, bringing a wider portfolio of handsets than its American counterpart. The war of profits and words continues among the two tech giants, just as Huawei, Vivo and LG creep up behind them with their own smartphone releases. This competition drives innovation up and prices down, which is the upshot for shoppers looking for the best Samsung mobile phone deals. Samsung phones span the whole mobile phone spectrum, featuring big ticket items that are on a level with those of Apple as well as entry level products to cater for smaller budgets. It is because of the South Korean firm’s wider product catalogue that mobile networks can compete on both cheap Samsung phone deals as well as sparkling new releases and higher monthly contracts.

Samsung Unlimited Data Contracts

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Every new Samsung release brings with it not only the promise of a funky advert but also revolutionary new technology, such as the 5nm chipset that the manufacturer pioneered alongside its great rival, Apple. Such efficient processors mean using data more efficiently and effectively, making Samsung unlimited data contracts one of the first on the list when smartphone users are shopping for Samsung deals. Because of the high-end nature of Samsung products, mobile phone networks list a wide variety of the brand’s handsets among their Samsung unlimited data deals. If you have a phone that is capable of processing data so effectively then it seems a no-brainer to seek out a monthly plan that gives you all the data you can chew on.

Samsung 5G Data Phone Contracts

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There is no reason why your Samsung 5G data contract can’t also tick the unlimited data box while it’s at it. To make the most of the 5G data connection, the Samsung deals the phone networks offer include, but aren’t limited to, unlimited data deals. Simple Internet browsing and sending or receiving Whatsapp messages won’t impact data usage too much, but the Samsung 5G plans assume that speedy data services are one of the key reasons you are looking for those kinds of contracts. Watching streaming services like Netflix and Sky Go have become essential to many of us, and it is in these uses in which 5G speeds really come into their own.

Cheap Samsung Phone Contracts

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Samsung overtook Apple as the world’s most popular smartphone manufacturer in 2018, shipping more than one hundred million units more than the American tech giant. But large proportions of those handsets were lower ticket items that smartphone users picked up on cheap Samsung deals. The South Korean firm boasts a huge catalogue, with mobile networks from EE to GiffGaff able to provide the best Samsung offers on a variety of handsets. Mobile networks finance such cheap deals in a number of ways, including introducing a higher upfront cost for bigger ticket items, while smaller providers like ID Mobile can reduce the amount of data on offer to bring down the price of the contract.

12 Month Samsung Mobile Contracts

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The Samsung Galaxy range features a variety of models, and with a high level of customer satisfaction Samsung is a brand that enjoys plenty of brand loyalty. But not everybody likes 24 month plans, so we have outlined the best 12 month Samsung mobile contract offers available from the major and minor networks. The benefits of 12 month contracts include not being tied down for more than a year, meaning if you want to change your handset or contract deal in a year’s time you have the flexibility to do so. Samsung, like every other Smartphone manufacturer, releases new handsets each year and, with the advent of new generations of network speeds and new technology like chip and camera improvements, handsets can easily be out of date in a year’s time.

Free Samsung Handset With Contract

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Nothing beats ordering the latest Samsung deal than scoring a free handset to go with. With monthly fees paid to your network provider it can make sense to limit your initial outlay, and that’s where the free Samsung handset offers come in. The larger network providers like O2 will typically spread their free handset deals over 24 months as standard, though you can also opt to pay higher monthly fees over a shorter period to cover the cost of the handset. You can also land free Samsung handset contracts with smaller networks like ID Mobile too, as they will also incorporate the costs of the handset into the monthly plans they outline.

Samsung Networks

If you typically call your provider when your deal is up to arrange a new deal directly, you might be surprised at the savings or bonuses available on other networks. Whether you search for cheap Samsung sim only contracts or are looking for the best Samsung monthly plans you can score decent deals or offers if you look at switching your network provider. This all depends on the signal strength in the area where you live or work, or if 5G is available in your area if you have your eye on upgrading to a new Samsung handset with 5G capability. Below you can refine Samsung offers by network to see each provider’s deals and check if there is a benefit to switching from your current provider.

Samsung Phone Overview

Samsung is a technology manufacturing giant. It was launched as Samsung Electric Industries in South Korea in 1969, though its parent company dates back to 1938. The company grew from producing televisions, refrigerators and other electronics to its first mobile phone design in 1988, the SH100. That model is a far cry from the hi-tech handsets that smartphone users looking for the best Samsung monthly contracts shop for today, but it was as pioneering then as the Samsung Galaxy phones are now.

Samsung introduced the Samsung Galaxy range in 2010, and it was to prove the range of handsets that challenged Apple’s dominance at the top of the smartphone ladder. Samsung’s rivalry with Apple extends beyond simply offering the best phone deals, with the companies even ending up in court over a patent dispute. 

For android users, Samsung handsets are at the top end of the smartphone spectrum, and with the company pioneering advances in chip technology with its 5nm chipset in 2020 it continues to be at the forefront of smartphone innovations. Samsung smartphones are sold in countries across the world, and are often the first choice when it comes to android handset upgrades. 

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