In October of 2012, Apple released the iPad mini for the first time. Back in the presentation, this iPad was compared to the normal model: the basic model was 9.7 inches, while the small model was 7.9 inches. Apple claimed at the time that the name was "easy to recall."

The firm offered this iPad a slight improvement a year later, in 2013, with the A7 CPU and a Retina display. The iPad mini 3 was released in 2014, and it was the first tablet to include Touch ID as well as support for Apple Pay.

The iPad mini 4 was launched in September 2015 with the first iPad Pro, although it was overshadowed by the iPhone 6s and a new Apple TV, which were also revealed at the same event. It received an A8 CPU and its first makeover, which had a body that was somewhat taller and broader than prior versions.

When everyone assumed Apple wouldn't create another iPad mini, the fifth version was introduced in March of 2019. With a big CPU boost and first-generation Apple Pencil compatibility, this was the most important update for the mini-series at the time.

Apple released the sixth-generation iPad mini two years later. It completely revamped its most portable tablet. Touch ID on the top button, a bigger display with smaller bezels, the A15 Bionic, improved cameras, and new colours are all available now.

iPad mini design and specifications

The iPad Mini features a screen that is 8.3 inches in size, which is smaller than the 10.2-inch "normal" iPad and the 10.9-inch iPad Air. However, because the home button has been removed, it is larger than the 7.9-inch screen on the previous iPad mini.

In comparison to the other iPads, it's like holding a really large iPhone. If you spend a lot of time on your iPad reading books or taking notes, this makes it more tempting. It's more suitable for gaming, reading or watching videos. You may not find the experience great if you want to attach a keyboard to it. That isn't possible due to the screen's size. Apple even doesn't make a keyboard for it.

The new iPad mini features Apple's A15 processor, which boosts processing power by 40% and graphics performance by 80% over the previous model's A12 chip. It's a significant upgrade over the 2019 iPad Mini, especially now that Apple's latest iPad update includes features like home screen widgets and improved multitasking. The improved visuals simply mean it will stand up better to the newest games and picture or video editing applications than the previous generation, though professional photographers should opt for iPad Pro models which are more suitable for advanced work.

iPad mini pricing

The iPad mini is available for purchase both online and at Apple shops. The price of an iPad mini varies based on the generation and specifications.


The iPad mini is a decent device. Yes, the iPad mini is a fantastic investment if you have a penchant for portable devices or have always desired a smaller iPad. The new iPad Mini is a significant improvement over the previous iPad Mini 5th generation. However, if you don't care about size, you may save a lot of money by purchasing the iPad Air or even the standard iPad, both of which are better for work and school.

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