Older generations will remember sci fi TV shows in which characters spoke into their watches. This was a thing of the future, made real by smartphone manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and Sony, and are designed to link up seamlessly with your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or Sony Xperia...and other handsets too!

Free Samsung Galaxy Watch Contracts

Because Samsung Galaxy Watches run on Android, you don’t need to have taken out any Samsung Galaxy smartphone deals in order to use it. However, they are designed to work seamlessly with Samsung Galaxy phone handsets. The Samsung Galaxy Watch is even compatible with iPhones, a major plus point for Samsung over its chief rival. All Samsung Galaxy Watch packages retail at similar cost to Apple Watches, but have much more flexibility. For this reason, along with Samsung’s undoubted technical prowess and history of manufacturing excellent pieces of tech, the free Samsung Galaxy Watch deals you can find at major networks like Three Mobile prove hugely popular with smartphone users.

Free Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit 2 Packages

The Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit 2 might not boast all of the bells and whistles of the all guns blazing Galaxy Watch, but it is a more than respectable entry into the Smart Watch category. Especially given the free Samsung Gear Fit 2 deals available on Three Mobile, Vodafone or iD Mobile, giving you access to a tasty bit of smart kit with your phone contract. The design on the Gear Fit 2 is sleek to say the least, featuring a curved, rectangular AMOLED touchscreen display, strapped with a silicon band that comes in a variety of colours. It is the perfect companion to any Samsung Galaxy smartphone package, especially when it comes for free.

Free Apple Watch Deals

Apple Watches are serious bits of kit, retailing at several hundred pounds. Apple has long made the seamless integration of its products a key focus of its business, with iPad, iPod, iPhone and iMac all connecting effortlessly. And the back up? iCloud, of course. The Apple Watch deals that were launched by O2, EE and Vodafone made use of this integration in iOS, allowing you to send and receive calls, track your health and even tell the time. Apple Watches might be some of the best smartwatches on the market, but if you are in the Android phone camp they are of no use to you.

About Smartwatches

While we might immediately think of Apple Watches and Samsung Galaxy Watches when we think of smartwatches, both of these manufacturing giants were relatively late to the scene when it comes to smartwatch development. Smartwatches have origins dating back to the 20th century, but those as we know them today were spearheaded by the Nike Fuelband and Sony Smartwatch, launched in 2012. Today, smartwatches have appeared from manufacturers and brands as varied as Fossil, Honor and TicWatch, and not to forget the ubiquitous Fitbit. When it comes to finding free smartwatches with phone deals, there is plenty of choice and bags of quality. In ten years time, we might do away with phones altogether, and simply rely on our 6G smartwatches for everything.

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