When you sign up to a new mobile phone contract, you could receive a brand new Xbox absolutely free! Xbox are given away completely free as a welcome gift with contracts from major UK networks.

To help you find the mobile deal that's right for you, try out our contract comparison tool below. All of the mobile phone offers on this page include a free Xbox, so pick one up today!

Who wouldn’t want a free XBox? Even if you aren’t an avid gamer, free XBox phone deals are enough to prick up your ears. Heck, you could sell it for a tidy slice of profit if you were that way inclined. Or, more likely, you could fire it up and take advantage of the some 2,500+ games available to play on arguably the world’s best games console. As far as free gift phone packages go, the free Xbox phone offers are some of the most generous. Though when you compare it to the £300+ EE offers for trading in your old phone on some of its plans, suddenly a free XBox doesn’t seem like the biggest leap.

iPhones with free XBox deals

Brand new iPhone contracts don’t come cheap. In fact, they are perhaps the most premiumly priced phone plans of any on the market. So when you see EE iPhone contracts with free XBoxes advertised, it’s time to take advantage. Or any other network, for that matter. Heck, XBoxes are so popular it’s likely it wouldn’t even matter if you could use the phone or have mobile signal in your area on that network. The only barrier to this fantasy giveaway would be Apple’s long-running competition with Microsoft, manufacturer of the XBox. Would Apple get in bed with its rival to offer free Xbox with iPhone contracts at any major network? Watch this space!

Samsung handsets with free XBox

Unlike Apple, Samsung doesn’t have a poisonous rivalry with Microsoft. Sure, they are competitors, but in the same way their handsets compete with the likes of the Sony phone deals and Huawei packages that major mobile networks showcase as standard. But like Apple, Samsung manufactures its own electronic devices, like tablets, watches and buds. For that reason you are much more likely to find free Samsung Galaxy tablets with phone deals than you are free XBoxes. You can never say never, though, and what a coup it would be for any network to offer that deal!

Sony contracts with free XBox

Now this really would be a turn up for the books! Sony, of course, manufactures the Playstation, the arch rival and nemesis of the XBox since Microsoft launched the gaming console in 2001. It would be a cold day in hell before Sony phone packages with free Xboxes hit the shelves, or even the virtual shelves. The Sony Playstation had a decent head start on its rival, but the two have duked it out over top spot in the console charts ever since. Instead, you are much more likely to find free Sony Playstation with Sony phone deals at any retailer offering these kinds of promotions.

Free XBox with Nokia offers

Microsoft is the only manufacturer that makes the XBox, so promotional tie-ins with major rivals are unlikely. However, when Microsoft launched its own mobile operating system it did so in a partnership with Nokia, before Microsoft Mobile eventually fully acquired Nokia’s mobile device business. Had Microsoft Mobile continued its dalliance with the phone industry, it would be perfectly positioned to offer Microsoft Lumia phones with free XBox promotions. However, this is all hypothetical. Microsoft ditched its phone business in favour of focussing on its XBox and laptop electronics manufacturing and software development operations. 

Free XBox FAQs

Will the cost of my pay monthly phone plan increase with a free XBox deal?

Retailers offer free Xbox consoles with phone contracts as promotions, meaning they have secured XBox consoles for set costs from Microsoft, or a third party supplier of their own. They build their overhead costs into the overall running of their business, financing of the free XBox phone contracts in numerous ways. Because of this, the cost of the free XBox phone deals don’t directly increase as a result of the plan. Furthermore, it is always up to you whether you think a phone package is the right one for you. Here is a useful example:

  • Retailer A offers a new Samsung with free XBox package that costs £50 per month for 24 months (total  £1,200).
  • Retailer B features the same Samsung phone with the same amount of pay monthly data, calls and texts for £45 per month over 24 months (total  £1,080).

In this example, retailer A’s free Xbox phone contract costs £120 more than the plan without the XBox, but this is still cheaper than paying upfront for an XBox at any retailer. Well, any first hand XBox, that is!

Are free XBox deals genuine Microsoft products?

Trading Standards in the UK operates strict rules and guidelines on free XBox with phone contract packages, as it does with any such promotional tie in between networks and manufacturers. Retailers who mis sell non-Xbox packages as the genuine article would be in serious breach of such regulations, and you as a consumer would be protected under those rules. The free XBox with phone contract packages might sound too good to be true, but they aren’t! 

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