Three Mobile carved a reputation among smartphone users as a network that could offer cheap mobile deals backed up by excellent coverage. Three Mobile aims to provide 5G coverage to 80% of its network by 2023, with its 5G mobile broadband packages rolling out along with its 5G network. Meanwhile, Three Mobile features a selection of 4G mobile broadband offers that come in the shape of a 4G Hub for home use or a 4G+ MiFi manufactured by Huawei that can be used on the go - handy for holidays, breaks and short trips. With increasing numbers opting for mobile broadband deals rather than using fixed line services, Three Mobile amps up its packages by offering free gift deals as additions. These packages include products like Apple TV, Amazon Echo and Google Nest, offering discounted rates and flexible contract terms.

Three Mobile 4G+ MiFi Packages

If you are wondering what MiFi is, it’s just the same as WiFi but it’s yours (and is more technically accurate). Without going into too much unnecessary detail, MiFi relates to the combination of WiFi and cellular technology. MiFi is the name Three Mobile has given to its mobile broadband device that you can take on the move, though it is not a term used exclusively by Three. Technically, the mobile WiFi packages showcased by networks like EE and Vodafone should also be labelled as MiFi, but they have opted against calling them that. The 4G+ MiFi Price Plans are as flexible as the cheapest Three Mobile smartphone packages users expect, varying in length from 1-24 months to provide you with full flexibility. They also feature a range of data allowances, from 2GB through various increments right up to unlimited data deals.

Three Mobile 4G Hub Mobile Broadband Deals

Perhaps the most popular Three Mobile 4G mobile broadband packages revolve around the 4G Hub. This lightweight device allows you to connect up to 64 devices and can reach broadband speeds up to 50Mb/s, though if all 64 devices were simultaneously streaming the World Cup final you might see a drop in connectivity. Three also offers 5G mobile broadband services in selected locations, and with its commitment to connect 80% of the population with 5G connectivity by 2023 those packages are sure to increase. 

Unlike many other mobile networks Three Mobile offers the same flexibility with its mobile broadband plans as it does the best Three Mobile phone deals, in that you have the option to choose a 1 month rolling contract or a 12 month or 24 month deal. As with smartphone contracts, the general rule is the longer the contract the cheaper the monthly payment. The Three Mobile 4G Hub 24 month contract gives you next day access to mobile broadband with no upfront costs, while the 12 month and 1 month plans charge a staggered respective upfront fee. Many broadband providers boast promotional tie-ins with the likes of Apple TV and Netflix, and Three Mobile features similar deals to boost its 4G Hub mobile broadband packages. These deals will see you pay slightly more up front but will give you overall discounts to the services they promote.

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