As one of the four major networks in the UK, it is no surprise to see O2 offer a range of mobile broadband packages alongside its phone plans. O2 launched its 5G network services in 2019, meaning O2’s 4G mobile broadband offers are the most commonly featured deals on its site. You can access O2 mobile broadband using a variety of devices, with O2’s range of mobile broadband packages being one of the most extensive of all the networks. While you can find a variety of cheap O2 phone plans from a host of manufacturers, O2 has partnered with communications giants Huawei and Netgear for the provision of its mobile broadband hardware. These devices range from dongles for your laptop or PC to pocket hotspots that you can place in your home or take out with you on the move.

O2 Pay Monthly Mobile Broadband Packages

O2 pay monthly contracts are often the most effective and cost efficient way to make the most of the best O2 mobile broadband offers. They range in data allowances, from 15GB per month right the way up to 150GB data per month. As with O2 phone plans the cheapest deals will involve less data, with O2 5G mobile broadband packages proving the most expensive. However, they also offer the fastest connections, boasting up to 1.65Gb/s download speeds. Without jargon, that means you can stream ultra 4K definition live sports in the living room while your partner watches their favourite Netflix series in the bedroom without the merest hint of buffer face. 

O2’s range of  mobile broadband devices are made by Huawei and Netgear, two huge names in the communications hardware manufacturing industry. As such you can have confidence in the Pocket Hotspots and Dongles O2 provides to run its mobile broadband services. As for the best package for you, that’s for you to decide. The good news is that O2 features a range of deals that give you plenty of choice.

O2 Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband Offers

The O2 pay monthly plans are backed up by a selection of Pay As You Go mobile broadband products from Huawei and ZTE. All of the O2 PAYG mobile broadband products come in the shape of dongles that you have to pre-load with credit, similar in concept to the O2 Pay As You Go phone packages that the company offers on its mobile product catalogue. Unlike a sim only deal, though, the O2 PAYG mobile broadband dongles come with the hardware as part of the deal. In effect, these products are more like O2 PAYG with phone packages. You buy the dongle as you would the handset, then choose your plan to go along with it that best suits your needs. You can pre load the dongle with between 1GB-12GB, which is ready to go from the point of delivery. The data will expire after 12 months, giving you plenty of time to use it in ad hoc fashion whenever you need.

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