Vodafone bought Talkmobile in 2017 to compete with other MVNOs that specialised in sim only contracts. Mobile Virtual Network Operators like Giffgaff, Smarty and VOXI were offering cheap and flexible sim only deals that the major networks couldn’t match. So Vodafone thought, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” Enter Talkmobile, who’s marketing strapline is “cheap SIM only deals with great coverage”. It does what it says on the tin, offering a slew of cheap Talkmobile sim only packages that are as flexible as they are affordable, and for that reason just about as appealing as any other sim only plans on the market.

Talkmobile 5G Data Plans

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Talkmobile does not offer unlimited data plans as standard, so if all-you-can-eat sim only packages are your thing then this isn’t the network for you. As Talkmobile contracts use the Vodafone network, the network’s 5G sim only packages are reliant on Vodafone’s coverage. 5G unlimited data sim only contracts are a key focus for many smartphone users as increasing numbers of people in the UK are opting to keep hold of their current handset rather than upgrade to a new iPhone every twelve months. When switching to a 5G sim plan you need to make sure that your handset is 5G capable, which might mean that you do need to upgrade your handset after all.

Cheap Talkmobile Sim Only Tariffs

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Talkmobile was established with cheap sim only packages at the forefront of its product offering. The network offers four 12 month sim deals under £10, while all of its plans come under £20 per month. The 12 month sim packages are part of the Purple range, differentiated by a number identifier for a spot of clarity. Every Talkmobile 12 month contract offers unlimited calls and unlimited texts, with various amounts of data that range from 3GB up to 100GB. That should be plenty for most users, but if you are sure you require a completely unlimited data sim only plan then you will need to look at parent company Vodafone or any of the other MVNOs featured on the site.

30 Day Talkmobile Sim Only Deals

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To separate its 12 month contracts from the Talkmobile 30 day rolling sim only plans the network labels its 30 day deals as “Talk” and “Talker”, with number identifiers alongside. These plans are the cheapest sim plans the operator offers, and start from just £5 per month but don’t go over £12 per month. They are incredible value, offering unlimited calls and texts on cheap sims when many other operators impose call limits on rolling 30 day sim contracts. As with many mobile contracts the difference in prices relates to the amount of data allowance allocated to each plan. The most data you can bag with a Talkmobile 30 day sim only package is 12GB, which in today’s world of Netflix and SkyGo isn’t a lot to play with. 

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