When giffgaff launched it offered flexible sim only packages that you could switch every month. The approach shook up the UK mobile industry. Suddenly there were real choices, other than whether or not you wanted to go to the cinema on a Wednesday or go to music gigs on a Friday night. giffgaff started with that ethos and, like all good ideas, it grew. It still offers a wide choice of giffgaff sim only plans, but does so alongside phone handset deals that include handsets from Samsung, iPhone and Huawei. But giffgaff is still built on the same principle of flexible sim only plans, whether you choose one of its new or refurbished handsets or use your own.

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First of all, giffgaff doesn’t call them tariffs, it calls them goodybags. Each goodybag holds unlimited calls and texts and a specified amount of data, ranging from 500MB to unlimited data packages. The giffgaff unlimited data plans are the most expensive, stretching up to the giffgaff Always On tariff. Always On goodybags give you 80GB of data at full 4G speed, but when you go over 80GB you receive reduced speed mobile internet between 8am - midnight. However, you can opt for a giffgaff golden goodybag that contains unlimited 5G data. This is truly unlimited data, meaning you can use as much or as little as you like for the same price. There are no speed reductions or extra costs. This golden goodybag costs £35 per month of 5G data, which you can also use on 4G networks if you travel from a 5G area to 4G coverage.

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The cheapest giffgaff plans start at £6 per month, and include 500MB of data. This doesn’t sound like a lot, and it isn’t compared to an unlimited data deal, but everyone has different data needs. For someone who doesn’t use their phone for streaming music or netflix shows 500MB would likely be plenty. The cheapest golden goodybag - which are the names for the giffgaff 5G packages - starts at £10 per month, which includes 9GB of 5G data. As far as 5G data deals go, giffgaff’s is one of the most competitive on the UK market and, because you can use 4G data on a 5G plan, is suitable for use even in 4G areas.

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