Plusnet may have made its name as a home broadband provider, but following its purchase by BT in 2007 it grew into its shoes as a Mobile Virtual Network Provider (MVNO) by the time of its launch in 2016 (by which time, BT had also acquired EE). Plusnet runs off the EE network and offers a range of cheap sim only contracts to go with its home broadband provision. In contrast to EE, Plusnet takes on the likes of VOXI, Smarty and Giffgaff by offering a small selection of sim only contracts that are all £12 per month or less. It might not have a lot of choice, but the network’s unfussy precision has won it awards, as has its customer service.

Plusnet Sim Only Plans With Large Data

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When you say “large data”, how large do you actually mean? Plenty of mobile networks that operate in the same market space as Plusnet offer data packages upwards of 25GB per month, ranging right up to unlimited data deals. The Plusnet Mobile large data packages don’t stretch further than 15GB per month, with that being the biggest data allowance available on Plusnet sims. How much data you need from your sim only contract depends on how much data you use. Do you stream live sports or Netflix shows, or listen to hours of music on mobile? The other major point to note is that Plusnet Mobile does not offer 5G data contracts, so if you have a handset that needs to use the 5G EE network you might be better off with a 5G data sim from BT Mobile or EE.

Cheap Plusnet Sim Only Deals

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Plusnet Mobile is a sim only specialist network, established by parent company BT to specifically provide cheap sim only contracts to UK mobile users. The cheapest Plusnet Mobile sim only plans start from £5 per month, and boast several deals under £10. They start off at just 1GB of data, moving up through the gears to provide various contract options up to 15GB. Other MVNOs like ID Mobile and Tesco Mobile go bigger, with even parent company BT Mobile going all the way up to 100GB data allowance. But Plusnet Mobile carves out a niche for itself among smartphone users who want no frills packages for the cheapest possible price. When it comes to those criteria, Plusnet Mobile fits the bill.

How To Switch To A Cheap Plusnet Mobile Deal

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