Virgin Mobile features an extensive selection of sim only packages to back up its pay monthly contract catalogue. These sim only deals include Virgin Mobile 5G packages, which see the MVNO switching camps from EE to Vodafone in 2021 at a time when all mobile networks were still expanding their 5G networks. Virgin offers inclusive plans for customers of Virgin Media, meaning you can often land a better Virgin sim only deal if you are already a cable customer. Virgin Mobile’s sim only deals range from the cheapest packages right up to 5G big data plans, which amounts to comprehensive offering from the world’s first MVNO.

Virgin Mobile Sim Only with Big Data

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Big data bundles are without doubt the most popular phone packages offered by UK mobile networks, both on long term contracts with free handsets and sim only packages. Virgin Mobile’s biggest data plans go right up to unlimited data for Virgin Media customers, while non-customers have to settle for a limit of 100GB per month. To use that amount of data per month you would have to stream over three hours of standard definition Netflix shows per day, so it is likely more than adequate for the average user. This max cap of 100GB per month applies whether you choose a 12 month plan or prefer a longer term contract spread over 24 months.

Virgin Mobile 12 Month Sim Only Plans

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You have the option to spread the Virgin Mobile sim only deals out over 12 or 24 months, and while you might think the longer term contract would automatically give you better prices it is not always the case. You may choose to ignore Virgin’s puns to promote its various deals (“Check out this SIMtillating deal!” is a favourite) but you can’t ignore the prices they promote. The 12 month contracts range from 3GB data per month to completely unlimited 5G data plans, though this maximum allowance reduces to 100GB data if you are not already a Virgin Media customer. There are numerous increments in between, meaning that you should be able to find a plan that suits you across Virgin’s range of sim only deals.

Cheap Virgin Mobile Sim Only Deals

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Virgin Mobile offers some of the cheapest 12 month sim only packages available online, with two sim deals starting from under £10 per month. This includes both 12 and 24 month deals, so you have options to spread out your contract for longer or to be more flexible and only sign up for a year. It is worth noting that the cheapest Virgin sim only deals don’t always offer the most value. For example, a 12 month 25GB data sim might cost the same as a 32GB sim for 24 months. The longer plan offers the cheapest data in cost per GB, though you lose the flexibility of the 12 month deal. Which deal you choose is up to you, and must take into account a variety of factors, not least your budget.

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