If you are coming to the end of your contract and are on the hunt for sim only packages then you could do worse than peruse the plans available at Sky Mobile. Some of the prices at the MVNO that runs off the O2 network are plenty appealing, and include a number of 5G packages for under £10 per month. These deals complement the many pay monthly contracts Sky offers, that can be ordered with brand new handsets from the world’s top manufacturers, including Apple, Samsung and Sony. If you are coming to the end of your contract and are looking to switch to a Sky sim only offer then you might have to unlock your phone to do it, but you will likely save yourself some money off your current monthly payments.

Sky Mobile 5G Enabled Sim Cards

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5G contracts are where it's at in the UK, with smartphone users flocking to the new technology like holidaymakers to an infinity pool. But you don’t have to pay big bucks to score a decent deal, with Sky Mobile leading the way with the cheap 5G sim only offers in its catalogue. But if you already have a 5G handset like the iPhone 12 or Samsung S21 and are simply on the hunt for the best 5G contract you can find, then you will no doubt find Sky Mobile’s 5G packages impressive. They start from less than £10 and 1GB of data and hit the dizzy heights of 60GB. The more 5G data you need, the higher your monthly payment will be, but as Sky Mobile offers inclusive free streaming of Sky apps like Sky Sports in real terms these contracts offer more value.

Cheap Sky Mobile Sim Only Tariffs

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Not fussed with 5G or can’t access it in your area? No problem. Sky Mobile features 4G as well as cheap 5G sim only plans that will roll over your unused data into the next month, handy if you’re going away or likely to use more or less data from one month to the next. All of the cheap Sky Mobile sim only packages require a minimum contract term of 12 months, so they aren’t as flexible as sim only deals from Tesco Mobile or giffgaff. But in order to offer cheap sim packages Sky Mobile uses minimum terms, which gives them security as a network provider. If it’s ultimate flexibility you’re after from your cheap sim only contract then Sky Mobile isn’t for you.

Sky Mobile Sim Only Tariffs with Big Data

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How much data is big data? If you don’t stream live sports or Netflix shows on your mobile then 10GB of mobile data could be huge. If you are in a 5G area and have just bought yourself a new 5G handset that you want to make the most of then 10GB might not go a long way. Perspective is relative, not least when it comes to unlimited data phone packages. Incidentally, the biggest Sky Mobile sim only data package is 60GB, which is the same for Sky Mobile pay monthly packages as well as its sim only contracts. 

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