For many old school touch screen folks, the use of a stylus is not a sign of old technology, but a comfort. This user interface helps keep you finger off a screen, blocks less of the display and allows for pinpoint accuracy.

The only thing missing is the gestures and pinching.

HTC is releasing a stylus for the HD2. Clove, and internet retailer, has reported that HTC is now making good of that patent they filed for a capacitive touch screen stylus and the device will soon be launched.

These days, capacitive touch screens are all the rage, they tend to give more accurate tracking and allow for the use of fingers (but do not recognize stylus input). Resistive touch screens on the other hand have trouble with finger presses and are better opted for use with a stylus.

HTC’s capacitive stylus aims to change that difference by allowing capacitive touch screen device to have access to using a stylus. For one thing, this certainly brings back the ability to sign a digital signature on capacitive touch screen phones.

The HD2 utilizes the new Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional operating system. The OS is primarily made for stylus input and needed to be used with a resistive touch screen –much to the dismay of many people who had trouble with the WinMo OS. HTc worked around this by using the capacitive touch screen-friendly HTC Sense interface over the OS.

While most devices with capacitive touch screens rarely deal with links, buttons or menus that are too thin or too small for a finger to tap (as was the case with WinMo), there are still occasions, particularly when browsing websites, when precision is very important. The capacitive stylus should prove a valuable accessory for all owners of smart phones with capacitive screens.


Am desperate to get a stylus. I have tried sveral times to set up my email accounts on the HTC HD2 and always get a wrong character in my long passwords. Fingers are big and clumsy, I had a resistive screen PDA before and that was great. I am getting quite frustrated in using the capacitive touch screen on the HD2. Will a stylus for an iphone work with the HD2 ?


can you put the stylus in the phone also?


I have the phone and there is no space in it for a stylus as it was not designed for one.

I will get a stylus as soon as it becomes available. The HD2 is an amazing phone, but test entry and web surfing are a nightmare without the stylus!

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