After a recent report that the XPERIA X10 will be pushed to a March release, new rumors that the Snapdragon powered Android phone will be delayed further to April this year. Sony Ericsson has been quick to deny this saying the XPERIA X10 is still slated for a Q1 release –though they have not confirmed as to whether the device will be launched on February or on March.

The conflicting reports are mostly attributed to Sony Ericsson. The company’s on-line sales representatives have been reported to be saying that the phone will not arrive until April, though the official website for the device states that it will arrive on Feb.

Either way, this Android device running a CPU speed of 1GHz still cannot come early enough. With HTC’s Bravo coming and the Nexus One already out, the once unrivaled X10 (specs wise) now has plenty of contenders.

Getting the X10 out as early as possible is important to Sony Ericsson as well, in the past few weeks, the company has been beset by one major delay after another. Just last December, the XPERIA X2 got delayed to a January release date. The delay got the X2 pulled out of Vodafone’s shelves.

Prior to the X2 delay, Sony Ericsson’s Satio also got suspended from sales from both Phones4U and the Carphone Warehouse due to software issues. While the problem was eventually fixed and the Satio was re-stocked right before the holiday season, the Swedish-Japanese joint venture still has plenty of problems.

Anyway, Sony is also playing catch up with all the other Android devices, the X10 stands as the company’s first Android phone. With the Google phone already out and HTC constantly delivering high-quality Android phones, Sony certainly has a lot to prove in terms of being able to create a good Android phone.

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