Things are looking pretty down for the Nexus One Android smart phone as it was announced that Google has lowered their projected total unit sales from 3.5 million to just 1 million. The massive cut in the projection was caused by the continuing trend of the device’s market performance. While the Nexus One holds a benchmark for Android smart phone specs and performance, it did not do so well with sales.

Many attribute the bad sales to the fact that Google has made sales of the Nexus One device exclusive to their online store. While some say that this was done in order to prevent the Nexus One from competing with other Android devices in the market, it has left Google open to major losses due to the lack of sales for the N-One. Google is still offering the device to its customers, but it has also been reported that the company is now focusing its’ sights on developing the Nexus Two (or at least, the next Google phone) allegedly with Motorola.

In the meanwhile, the HTC produced Nexus One is expected to have even less sales as HTC will be releasing its own Android smart phone, the HTC Desire. This phone was originally announced as the HTC Bravo and considering its specifications and hardware, it is the basis for the design of the Nexus One.

The two phones share similar specifications. Both are running on 1GHz Snapdragon CPUs, have 5 mega pixel snappers and use 3.7 inch AMOLED capacitive touch screens for the user interface. The HTC Desire also has the HTC Sense user interface while the Nexus One features advanced speech recognition software. The Desire is expected to be launched sometime this April.

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