LG has shown off their latest smart phone and they have got a lot of people interested.

Steve Ballmer certainly succeeded in showing to the whole world that Microsoft is still one of the biggest name in the field of developing operating systems. Despite the major disappointment many people had with Windows Mobile, MS was able to get up, change their game and totally reinvent the entire mobile user experience.

“The phone is not a PC”; or so goes the mantra of Microsoft when they presented the new OS, and from what we have seen, they are absolutely right. The new user interface looks great, has all the customizations that are needed, shows needed information in an organized, easy to view manner and best of all, it actually feels like using a mobile phone instead of a miniaturized computer.

When the Mobile World Congress ended, many were wondering when the very first WP7 device will actually be released. With MS’ original announcement that they did not expect the system to be out till the holidays, many of us geared up for the long wait. Now, it looks like LG may be aiming for a September repast.

The new phone comes in the typical smart phone with keyboard look, and many will be happy to see the physical slide-out keyboard as most of us never really get used to the quirky onscreen virtual keyboard on touch screen phones. It looks vaguely like the Motorola Milestone, though much smaller. Estimates place the thinness close to that of the Apple iPhone.

So far, we can tell that there is a 5 mega pixel camera (with LED flash) on the back of the device. Other than that, LG has been pretty tight lipped with spec details.

See more of the new LG Panther at Stuff TV.

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