Yes, if you own a mobile phone based on the BlackBerry or Google’s Android platform, you can soon enjoy making PayPal payments with a simple bump gesture.

The so-called bump feature lets you transfer funds by touching handsets together and was first seen on the version 2.0 PayPal iPhone app, launched earlier this month.

Versions for Android and BlackBerry are said to be available in the next few months. So soon, people with various smartphones can just bump their phones together to pay friends and receive payments.

You can download a PayPal app for your BlackBerry or Android mobile at the moment – but it is minus the fancy bump feature so you are restricted in what you can do. For example, you can transfer money from your PayPal account set up on your handset directly into a bank account, set reminders for when you need to make a payment and see your balance. But you can’t move cash to and from your PayPal account and your friends’ accounts by touching your phones together – yet. At least if you own a BlackBerry or Android device, you now know you will be joining your fellow iPhone users when it comes to bumping, soon.

And PayPal’s mobile manager Eric Duprat has also suggested additional platforms for making payments may be on the horizon, including gaming devices.

To find out more about the PayPal app with bump technology, coming soon to Android and BlackBerry, head to CNET.

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