When it comes to finding good quality or better games on any of the smartphone platforms it is a genuine struggle. There are very few game developers seemingly willing to take the plunge and so we have to rely on the smaller and even independent developers to pick up the slack while hoping that they manage to hit the nail on the head in terms of gameplay and originality.

Angry Birds

In Angry Birds we enjoyed exactly that and as a result it has become one of the most popular games on just about platform. Even on Android, where it is still relatively new, it boasts 2 million downloads in its latest version. In fact, it’s popularity is such that developer Rovio have won multiple awards for the creation. Another game, this time in the shape of Cut The Rope, seems to be catching gamers attention in a similar way too and it could be the sign of things to come for smartphone owners – decent quality mobile games, at last.

Where Angry Birds featured 120 levels, Cut The Rope offers up 4 sets of 25 levels, the last of which is unlockable so it has the same amount of gameplay available to players. It’s also a relatively simple concept although describing it as a “physics based puzzler” rather than simply calling it Cut The Rope makes it sound more difficult to get to grips with.


Rovio, the developers of Angry Birds, may be an independent games company but they’re no stranger to creating high quality titles. They’ve worked with the likes of EA, Nokia, and Capcom in the past and they specialise in the provision of wireless games. Their portfolio is constantly expanding to make them a real name to recognise in the games manufacturing industry.

Cut The Rope

In the very early stages of Cut The Rope that is basically all you need to do – cut the rope but things get fiendishly difficult as you progress through the levels. The aim of every level is to feed the candy to Om Nom the monster. Initially this might require cutting three pieces of rope by swiping your finger across them, or it might necessitate the popping of a balloon done by simply popping it with your finger but by the time you reach the upper echelons of the game level design you’ll be met with a variety of other items and it will get your brain going.

Playability And Longevity For 59p

There’s also stars to collect on each of the levels and once you reach 190 stars you’ll be able to unlock the final set of levels so that you can play the game right through to completion. Considering this little gem is only 59p in the app store you really will be surprised at the level of depth and playability that it offers.

The Future Of App Games?

Both Angry Birds and Cut The Rope are hopefully showing game developers that you don’t need to sell titles for £40 in order for them to be profitable or make a big name for a company and with any luck this means that in the near future we’ll be able to enjoy a much greater stream of quality app games for our mobile phones.

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