Best Mobile Contracts can exclusively reveal that Vodafone are planning a major shake up of their 24 month contracts, centred on their big new concept: Vodafone Red!

The new Vodafone tariffs, both will be live on the 7th of September are laid out in the table below. The lower levels are fairly straightforward, all offering unlimited texts and increasing quantities of minutes and mobile data. Over on the right side of the chart is where the exciting stuff is happening, though – Vodafone’s two new “Red” contracts will offer both unlimited UK minutes and unlimited texts!

Two Vodafone Red contracts will be available. The standard contract will offer unlimited minutes and texts along with a 1 GB data allowance, while the Vodafone Red Data contract will offer the same calls and texts with an extra GB of data.

As the chart demonstrates, the new layout of Vodafone’s tariffs is designed such that customers get their allowances doubled or more with each step up the ladder.

Speaking to us about the new contracts, Gary Thompson at said “These new Vodafone Red Plans offer unlimited minutes and text and a massive amount of data and Wi-Fi, so every base is covered. These will compete with O2’s On and On Plan and T-Mobile’s The Full Monty Plan, meaning the consumer now has more choice than ever which can only be a good thing.

We haven’t had details yet on the pricing for the new system of tariffs, but we’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

Vodafone  Red logo
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