Back in the day subscriptions would be magazines that came through the post. Today, they offer so much more. The free subscription phone packages featured here range from Amazon Prime Video membership to NowTV and Sky Sports, offering something for everyone.

Free Amazon Prime TV Deals

Amazon Prime TV features streaming services for top TV shows, boasting exclusive content developed by Amazon under the Amazon Original umbrella. These include The Boys, Fleabag and Bosch, and sit alongside Amazon Prime’s breathtaking catalogue of movies - over 18,000 of them! Like all free entertainment subscription with phone deals, the free Amazon Prime TV packages make the most of unlimited 5G data contracts that have become increasingly popular alongside the expansion of UK 5G services. Streaming 2K Amazon Prime video on an iPhone 12 uses around 3GB data per hour, which can quickly eat into your data plan. 

Free Sky Sports TV Packages

Sky Sports is the go-to channel for watching Premier League matches, as the broadcaster still holds the rights to broadcast the most EPL games. If you have Sky TV with a Sky Sports package you will automatically be able to take advantage of unlimited data phone deals to use SkyGo, but Sky also offers this subscription separately to non-Sky TV customers. The Vodafone free entertainment packages include Sky Sports as one of the free subscription options, giving you access to contracts that range from 25GB 5G data right up to new handsets with unlimited 5G data deals, which are perfect for streaming more Sky Sports content than you can shake a stick at.

Free Spotify Phone Contract Offers

Spotify boasts over 50million songs and over 700,000 podcast titles, making it the go-to streaming service for many a music lover. Anyone with the free version of Spotify will testify to the benefits of plumping for the Premium version, which cuts out all ads between songs. The free Spotify entertainment packages come with iPhone deals and Android plans such as Samsung and Oppo, among other manufacturers. Streaming music also uses much less data than streaming video, with high quality music streaming using about 1GB per hour compared to 3GB per hour for 2K video, which gives you options to go for a cheap phone deal with less data included.

Free NowTV Phone Deals

When Sky launched Now TV in 2012 it offered non-Sky customers a more flexible, more affordable way to access Sky TV Channels without going whole hog with a full blown Sky TV contract. When the service first launched you required a Now TV Stick plugged in the back of your TV, but the Vodafone free Now TV phone packages, and those offered by other networks, give you access on your mobile via the NowTV app. Normally, if you subscribe to NowTV you choose the pack that you prefer from its list of available deals. These include Sky Sports Pass, Sky Cinema Pass or Entertainment Pass, which you can choose when you take out your new phone package.

About Free Subscription Phone Plans

Knowing how much data you use on your current pay monthly phone plan and how many hours of video you currently watch will help you make your decision when you choose between any of these free subscriptions to go with your phone deal. However, bear in mind that if you have the data available, such as in an unlimited data 5G contract, you are more likely to make use of it. To access your chosen deal simply click the deal and checkout, choosing your selection of free subscription when prompted.

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