Unlimited 5G Data FAQs

Do all networks offer unlimited 5G data phone contracts?

Eventually, every network will offer cheap 5G data contracts, but it is unlikely that all of them will offer unlimited 5G data plans. This is because there are some networks that have targeted specific niches in phone contract markets. Take Plusnet Mobile, for example. Plusnet Mobile has made a name for itself by offering a variety of cheap sim only deals, which don’t appeal to every customer. If you are looking for a handset upgrade or unlimited data package, it is likely you would look at a contract that could see you spread the cost out over a longer period of time.

Which networks offer the cheapest unlimited 5G data plans?

For simple cost per month, sim only unlimited 5G data deals are cheaper than pay monthly phone contracts that come with 5G handsets. This is because without the handset you will only have to pay for your data. However, if you need a handset upgrade then you can pick up cheap 5G unlimited data packages from a variety of networks. Three Mobile offers the cheapest 5G unlimited data deals of any of the major networks, though this is handset dependent. Sim only MVNOs like giffgaff specialise in flexible sim only plans but also sell phone handsets, too. 

Are there any extra benefits to unlimited 5G data packages?

Apart from superfast connection, download and upload speeds, some networks offer extra benefits to their unlimited 5G data deals to make them more attractive. These benefits are often useful methods of adding value to your contract, such as the EE Smart Benefits that come with the EE unlimited 5G data packages the network features. By saving you money you would have spent on things like BT Sport Ultimate, for example, and including the cost in your phone package it brings your overall monthly spend down. The same is true of the O2 unlimited 5G data deals with Priority Rewards, so be sure to take note of all of those factors and assess them when you switch your phone package.

Are there any caps on unlimited 5G data plans? 

This depends on the network. For example, the giffgaff sim only Always On data packages set a limit up to 80GB of data, after which your connection speed reduces between the hours of 8am-midnight. However, the Always On packages relate to 4G data only. The giffgaff 5G unlimited data plans are truly unlimited, and don’t feature any caps. Most major networks don’t set caps or limits on their unlimited 5G data packages, not least because such caps would likely not prove attractive to most users. Mobile networks use caps on data limits as extra incentive to switch from 4G to 5G plans.

Unlimited 5G Mobile Phone Contracts

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Most of us want limitless data, whether we need it or not. As time goes on we will rely even more on unlimited data packages to connect with each other and consume media. These unlimited 5G dat plans come in all shapes and sizes and are available on different handsets from a variety of manufacturers, including Apple, Samsung and Huawei. The question of the best unlimited 5G phone packages is a personal choice, and may come down to your choice of network. The Vodafone 5G unlimited data packages and Three unlimited 5G data deals are some of the best from any network, though each operator offers different benefits to its contracts.

Unlimited 5G Sim Only Plans

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The key benefit of plumping for sim only unlimited 5G data packages over pay monthly plans is down to cost saving. Many networks - majors like Vodafone, O2 and Three Mobile and MVNOs such as Sky Mobile, Tesco Mobile and Virgin Mobile - offer unlimited 5G data sim only deals as cheap alternatives to pay monthly plans that come with new handsets. However, any 5G data package available at any network requires a 5G handset like the iPhone 12 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S21 or above. If you have your own 5G handset then you can take advantage of a number of unlimited data 5G sim only contracts available from various networks, who all compete on price. 

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