EE is the UK’s largest network, and was the quickest to roll out both 4G and 5G coverage. To complement the range of EE pay monthly phone packages the communications giant also boasts a series of 4G and 5G mobile broadband plans, making fixed wire broadband services unnecessary. The benefits of EE’s mobile broadband contracts are clear. They require minimal set up, needing the installation of a single device rather than requiring your router to be plugged into your phone line. This single device can then provide WiFi services to all of your mobile and computing devices, allowing up to 64 devices to connect. Using EE mobile broadband services will also remove the necessity to pay line rental on your fixed line, assuming that you can connect any other devices (Sky TV, for example) to your mobile broadband device.

EE 4G Mobile Broadband Packages

The widespread strength of EE’s 4G network (covering 99% of the UK) means that EE 4G mobile broadband packages are suitable to install for most customers. As 4G services are set to continue until at least 2030 to cover the transition period from 4G to 5G, you can be sure that taking out an EE 4G mobile broadband plan will last a good few years before any necessity to upgrade to 5G. Your ability to upgrade to 5G services will also depend on your area and how quickly 5G becomes available. For the millions of Brits living in rural areas 4G services will remain the best mobile broadband option for a number of years.

EE 4G mobile broadband deals have access to average speeds of 31Mb/s, which is way above Netflix’s minimum recommended speeds of 5Mb/s to make the best use of streaming HD video services. You can connect up to 64 devices to any of EE’s 4G Home Routers, which come with a range of contracts. These contracts have minimum terms and, just as you can find cheap EE pay monthly phone contracts, the price plans for EE’s mobile broadband services suit most budgets.

EE 5G Mobile Broadband Plans

The breathtaking speeds of the 5G network made it instantly appealing as a mobile broadband choice when it began its rollout in 2019. The 100Mb/s average download speeds eat streaming ultra 4K definition services for breakfast, with Netflix recommending minimum speeds of 25Mb/s for such activities. Smartphone users already taking advantage of EE unlimited data 5G plans can testify to the speeds achieved on EE’s 5G network, so on the back of that an EE 5G mobile broadband package makes for plenty of appeal. Just as with EE’s 4G mobile broadband services, you can connect up to 64 devices to your EE 5G mobile broadband router.

All EE mobile broadband plans come in a variety of formats. If you are hunting for cheap EE 5G packages you will save money by opting for a 4G plan rather than a 5G contract, while there is no doubt that 5G deals offer the best speeds. Which EE mobile broadband plan you opt for affects the cost of your monthly payments, which come in a range of packages that combine upfront costs with monthly payment plans.  

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