Taking out cheap mobile contracts doesn’t mean settling for low grade handsets or phone plans that tie you down to 36 months. Manufacturing giants like Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi all feature broad ranges, promising cheap phone deals alongside their top of the range handset offers.

Cheapest Phone Deals

When you need to upgrade your handset you naturally want to find the best phone deals at the cheapest prices. That said, you also have to be a little realistic. You can’t expect to land a brand new iPhone with unlimited 5G data for £10 per month. You might as well water your money tree in the back yard while you’re at it. There is plenty of good news for smartphone fans hunting for the cheapest Android deals, though, with the cheap Huawei contracts some of the best when it comes to affordable mobile plans. They sit alongside Motorola, Xiaomi and Nokia and start off at less than £10 per month.

Sim Only Under £10 Per Month

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When it comes to saving money on your mobile contract, sim only deals are the number one in any top three list. The cheapest sim only packages start from as little as £5 per month, and nearly every mobile network features a cheap sim only plan. Major networks offer super affordable sim only packages, like the cheap Three Mobile 5G data sim only plans that come in for less than £10 per month. Vodafone, iD Mobile and Smarty also offer sim only plans for less than £10 per month, each offering various amounts of 4G and 5G data access.

How much data can I get for £10 per month or less?

If you are looking to spend less than £10 per month then you will likely be more suited to a cheap sim only plan rather than a new handset contract. Major networks like Three Mobile and Vodafone offer sim plans for less than £10 per month, while MVNOs such as Sky Mobile and giffgaff boast cheap sim only packages with data that stretches right up to 9GB per month. If you need a free handset upgrade then you won’t be able to avoid a minimum spend of £10 per month, with Xiaomi, Huawei and Motorola all manufacturers featured in handset contracts that offer 4G and 5G data.

Are the cheapest handsets inferior quality?

Some handsets are cheaper than others because of a number of reasons. These include technical specifications like RAM, processor speed and display quality. Dropping down on processor chips or losing a megapixel or two of camera quality might not give you the best possible handset but will still provide a useful phone that you can use to browse the Internet, take decent pictures and connect with your friends and family. If you aren’t all about the latest, fanciest tech, then you can score some neat enough handsets from major manufacturers that will be just the ticket, for a lot cheaper.

Which networks offer the cheapest sim only deals?

Talkmobile, iD Mobile and Three Mobile all offer the cheapest sim plans that cost £5 per month. They are followed closely by a host of networks, including O2, Tesco Mobile and giffgaff. But just like the purchase of a new phone handset, the cheapest sim only package doesn’t necessarily present the best value. Not every network offers 5G coverage, so the cheap Three Mobile 5G sim only deals offer better value because of the improved speeds and latency that 5G provides. However, these will only offer value if you have a 5G ready handset, as you won’t be able to access 5G speeds if your handset does not have that capability.

Can I get unlimited data plans for under £10 per month?

Franky, no! The cheapest 5G unlimited data deals start at around £20 per month, with major networks like Three Mobile and EE going toe-to-toe with the likes of Virgin Mobile and Sky Mobile to offer the most competitive prices on 5G unlimited data contracts. Of course, unlimited 4G data plans from network providers like giffgaff and iD Mobile will be cheaper than their 5G counterparts, so dropping your expectations from 5G to 4G will automatically save you money on your monthly costs. You can also use a 4G unlimited data package on most phones, with 4G coverage guaranteed until at least 2030. 

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