Browsing for the best unlimited data sim only packages means you already have a handset and think you will use plenty of mobile data. The good news is that most mobile networks offer 5G unlimited data sim only deals to get your juices flowing, alongside a host of 4G unlimited data plans.

1 Month Rolling Unlimited Data Sim Only

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Here it is, the complete list of one month rolling unlimited data sim only deals available right now in the UK. For those with maximum data needs and ultimate flexibility, these are the best contracts for you. Because of their popularity and flexibility, these sim only plans are usually the most premiumly priced. But you can take advantage of cheap prices from some MVNOs like Smarty and iD Mobile, as well as competition among the bigger operators like Three Mobile and Vodafone to find the best possible deal for you. Don’t forget your options to add perks or benefits to your sim only package to add even more value to your contract.

Unlimited Data Sim Only FAQs

Does every network offer unlimited data sim only packages?

In a word, no. Some MVNOs like Plusnet Mobile specialise in providing the cheapest sim only plans available in the UK. The rule of thumb is the more data included in your sim only contract, the more you will pay. Most other networks do offer unlimited data sim only plans though, giving you plenty of operators to choose from. This means a wide choice of major operators like EE, Vodafone and Three Mobile as well as smaller MVNO networks such as giffgaff, VOXI and iD Mobile. Each operator offers different benefits, like VOXI’s endless social media policy, for example, so it is worth comparing deals and operators to make sure you make the most out of your contract.

Can I get unlimited 5G data sim only contracts?

Yes! Since its UK rollout in 2019 5G unlimited data sim only plans became some of the most sought after phone packages, despite only a handful of smartphone manufacturers boasting 5G handsets at the time. Now that most manufacturers feature 5G handsets it is important to remember that only 5G ready handsets can take advantage of the 5G network. For this reason, make sure your handset is 5G ready before you take out an unlimited data 5G sim only deal with one of our featured operators. As with 5G phone contracts, 5G unlimited data sim only packages are the most expensive of all sim only plans, because of the improved benefits to the network and greater download speeds and latency they give you access to. 

Does unlimited data really mean unlimited?

Not always, which is why it is always double checking the terms and conditions with your network provider. The giffgaff Always On sim only contracts provide you an allowance of data, but once you go over that allowance your speeds will be restricted within certain times of day. In comparison, the VOXI Endless Data unlimited sim only plans provide exactly what they say, though you also bag endless social media browsing with VOXI. In that respect, assessing how much data you use for social media and how much you use for streaming Netflix shows and live sports will give you an idea of just how much data you actually need.

Are Android unlimited data sim only deals cheaper than iPhone plans?

Mobile networks don’t differentiate between handset type or manufacturers when it comes to the unlimited data sim only deals they offer. If you purchase a brand new iPhone and choose a 5G unlimited data sim only deal to go with it, that plan and sim will be no different to a 5G unlimited data Android sim. Because increasing numbers of smartphone manufacturers use esims, your plan is activated remotely by your network. This removes the necessity for a physical sim card, making the question of differences between Android and Apple sim only deals even more redundant.  

What is the cheapest unlimited data sim only plan?

Because networks are always competing on price, you might look at an EE unlimited data sim only package and see it as more expensive than its counterpart from iD Mobile. However, the major networks, in particular, compete with each other in various ways, adding value to their contracts in bids to attract customers. To use the EE example, the UK’s biggest network offers various Smart Benefits on its best sim only packages as well as its pay monthly contracts. These include discounted memberships for BT Sport, thanks to its parent company BT, and options for Apple Music or Apple TV+. Weigh up the value of those additions to contemplate the best value contract for you.

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