The iPhone 12 mini is truly one of a kind. This device looks premium, feels premium, and despite its small size, this smartphone has excellent performance. There is a lot to love about the iPhone 12 mini. Similar to its larger counterparts in the iPhone 12 lineup, it boasts an impressive camera, an OLED display, future-proof 5G support and the superior A14 Bionic chip. With the iPhone 12 mini, you get to own a very pocketable yet impressive flagship phone at a reasonable price. 

What colours does the iPhone 12 mini come in?

Similar to the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 mini is currently available in 6 colours, i.e, black, red, white, green, blue, and the recently revealed purple. If you’re looking for a colour that won’t show fingerprint smudges too much, we’d recommend either the white or the new purple colour. 

How good is the iPhone 12 mini’s design?

With a 5.4 inch display, the iPhone 12 mini is currently the best small phone. It may take you a few days to get used to the feel of such a compact device, but the smartphone is generally very easy to hold. 

The iPhone 12 mini is built exactly like the iPhone 12, with the only difference being in the size of the devices. It has a similar flat edge aesthetic, an OLED display on the front, and a glossy glass back. The screen on the iPhone 12 mini is protected by a crystal infused ceramic shield material. 

As with previous iPhone models, the iPhone 12 mini has a same-sized notch on the front. Due to its smaller size, this notch appears to be more pronounced on this device. Nevertheless, this smartphone is a real beauty. 

Is the iPhone 12 mini’s display any good?

The iPhone 12 mini has a 5.4 inch Super Retina, XDR, OLED display with a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels. With this screen colours are more vibrant, and you’re bound to enjoy the viewing experience on this device. 

Apple stuck with a disappointing 60Hz refresh rate for this device and the entire iPhone 12 lineup. Although the OLED display is colourful and superb, this refresh rate may make this smartphone feel less responsive.

You can easily read the iPhone 12 mini’s display outside even when it’s sunny. 

Does the iPhone 12 mini have a good camera?

The iPhone 12 mini shares the same impressive dual camera system as the larger iPhone 12. The main 12 megapixels camera has the now larger f/1.6 aperture while the secondary 12 megapixels ultrawide shooter has a f/2.4 aperture. The adjustments in the main camera have resulted in an improved and spectacular performance, even in poor lighting conditions. 

You can capture exceptional footage with the iPhone 12 mini using Dolby Vision. You can also opt to record 4K HDR video using the primary shooter.

Is the iPhone 12 mini fast?

In most cases, smaller phones are outperformed by their larger counterparts. However, the iPhone 12 mini is equipped with the ultra-fast A14 Bionic chip and is, therefore, just as fast as the other iPhone 12 models. This device also has amazing graphics.

Does the iPhone 12 mini have a good battery life? 

The iPhone 12 mini is a small device. This translates to a smaller battery and, therefore, a shorter battery life. While Apple doesn’t reveal the battery capacity figures for its devices, the iPhone 12 mini’s battery has been shown to last less time than its larger counterparts.

Does the iPhone 12 mini support MagSafe?

All iPhone 12 models including the mini support MagSafe. These devices have a ring of magnets centrally built into the back that allow for wireless charging and also enable you to snap on and off a range of MagSafe accessories including cases and wallets. 

There is a single difference between the MagSafe system in the iPhone 12 mini, and that installed in the other iPhone models. While it typically offers a maximum charging speed of 15 watts, the MagSafe charging system in the iPhone 12 mini allows for charging speeds of up to 12 watts. Since this smartphone has a smaller battery, you’ll not notice a difference in the charging times.

Should I buy the iPhone 12 mini?

The iPhone 12 mini is undoubtedly one of the best smartphones there is. It is just as powerful as the other devices in the iPhone 12 lineup, although it costs significantly less. If you’re looking for a compact yet powerful iPhone, then this is the ideal device for you. This may not be a suitable device if you need a phone with a large battery capacity.

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