Don’t want to be tied to your mobile contract for longer than 12 months? Need the flexibility to swap out your mobile deal without having to wait two years? Don’t fancy the higher upfront costs of one month rolling contracts? Then 12 month deals are the ones for you.

While 24 month phone contracts are still the standard deals from many operators, most of them also offer 12 month phone packages that provide more flexibility. While major network packages such as O2 12 month contracts feature upfront costs and higher monthly premiums compared to 24 month or 36 month deals, the initial charges don’t have to be expensive. The same is true of plans from MVNOs like Sky Mobile and Tesco Mobile, who each offer various perks to accompany their cheap 12 month contracts, such as data rollovers across multiple sims and Clubcard points earned for every pound spent.

Cheapest 12 Month Contracts

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For those looking for the cheapest 12 month packages the sticking points are often the upfront costs and higher monthly premiums. A brand new iPhone costs the same, whether you spread those costs out over a 24 month or 12 month deal. The chances are if you are browsing for the cheapest 12 month plans then you won’t be looking at brand new iPhones, because you simply won’t find them in the cheapest price brackets. Switch your attention to Oppo, Motorola or Samsung will open up plenty of cheap 12 month contracts for as little as under £20 per month, on major networks and MVNOs.

12 Month iPhone contract

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It might surprise you to find 12 month iPhone deals available on networks like Sky Mobile and O2, because as premium products at premium prices operators tend to prefer to spread the cost out over two years or longer. However, as a buyer you have options when it comes to finding the cheapest iPhone 12 month packages, not least if you look for a slightly older handset. Opting for last year’s model over the latest release automatically reduces the cost of your monthly payments, and still delivers a technically excellent handset. With software updates guaranteed for at least five years and users keeping hold of their handsets for longer, there is plenty of life yet in last year’s iPhone.

12 Month Android Contracts

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Android phones always provide more choice than Apple’s iPhone handsets, simply because of the sheer number of manufacturers that produce Android smartphones. Handsets from Samsung, Xiaomi and Sony sit among the best Android 12 month packages, varying in upfront costs, monthly payments and network availability. If you aren’t precious about the brand of Android phone you are after you can easily save money by opting for a different manufacturer than usual, while still retaining the same functionality of the operating system enjoyed by all Android devices. The O2 12 month Android deals also provide options for 5G connection, affording the best possible network speeds over a short term 12 month deal.

Can I get unlimited 5G data on 12 month contracts? 

In a single word, yes. Not all networks offer 5G unlimited data plans on 12 month contracts, but there are exceptions. When you choose any of the O2 12 month 5G deals on display at Best Mobile Contracts, you have the option to be completely selective when it comes to the type of data, length of contract and upfront cost on your deal. Simply select any of the O2 deals on show and update your preferences when you checkout. Not all networks are this flexible, making O2 contracts some of the best 5G unlimited deals available from any provider. Remember, you need a 5G ready handset if you want to make the most of any 5G phone deals.

What are the benefits of 12 month phone deals?

The key benefit you gain from a 12 month mobile package is its short term nature. 12 months fly past quickly, and once the contract is up you own your handset and have options to look for sim only deals from scores of other providers. They might not be as flexible as the one month rolling contracts offered by the likes of giffgaff, Smarty and VOXI, but they keep upfront costs relatively low compared to buying your phone handset outright.

Which network offers the most 12 month packages?

Some networks offer complete flexibility when it comes to its 12 month phone deals, with operators like O2 and Tesco Mobile both offering completely flexible packages. Because they are more flexible, they give you the most options. However, both Tesco Mobile and Sky Mobile are powered by the O2 network, so if O2’s service strength isn’t the best in your area your options are immediately limited! With 99% 4G coverage in the UK and ever increasing 5G infrastructure, O2 does set your mind at ease on that front with pretty comprehensive coverage. 

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