Even whispering the words “free laptops” to make the ears of anyone with ears stand to attention. That mobile networks offer free laptops with phone contracts is eyebrow raising in itself, but such is the buying power of the major networks in the UK - EE, O2, Vodafone and Three Mobile - that they can obtain laptops and notebooks for cost value or less and include them as free laptop offers in seasonal promotions. They can also use their network services as leverage with electronics manufacturing giants such as Lenovo, Sony and Huawei.

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iPhones with free laptop deals

Now this would truly be the ideal scenario. Apple includes free Macbook pro with iPhone 13 to celebrate the handset’s launch. We’re not going to say that this would never happen, but it will most likely never happen. A Macbook Pro retails at about the same price as a brand new iPhone, so it would truly be an audacious giveaway. There is no way that Apple would sanction cheap iPhone deals that included laptops from a competitor, so the best you can hope for are likely free Apple AirPods with iPhone offers, or similar promotions offered by mobile networks including EE, Three Mobile and Vodafone. 

Samsung handsets with free laptops

While the most common Samsung free gift offers you come across are likely to be those involving Samsung Galaxy Tablets, a range of networks also feature free laptop deals with Samsung mobile contracts in a bid to secure new customers. When Samsung introduced the Galaxy Book in a bid to compete with Apple’s Macbook and Huawei’s Matebook range, it opened up the possibility for cheap mobile deals with Samsung Galaxy Book laptops included, too. These offers aren’t always on the table, though, and often come around during phases of large scale promotions offered by the electronics manufacturing giant.

Huawei contracts with free laptops

Huawei got the drop on Samsung, a chief electronics manufacturing rival, when it released its Huawei Matebook a full year before the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Book. The Matebook retails at nearly £200 less than its rival, too, making the chances of free laptops with Huawei contracts a more realistic proposition than its costlier counterpart. The Three Mobile Huawei phone deals often feature free gift packages for new customers, as do many of the other major networks and MVNOs. The best Huawei contracts that come with free laptop gifts can also feature laptops from other manufacturers, such as Lenovo, Acer and Asus.

Free laptop phone offers

There are as many laptop manufacturers as there are phone handset manufacturers, with many of them crossing over both products under the umbrella of electronics manufacture. Apart from the obvious electronics giants like Apple, Microsoft and Sony, such companies include Google, Lenovo and Xiaomi, which entered the laptop market with its Xiaomi Matebook in 2020. Such horizontal integration makes for crossover potential when it comes to smartphone handsets with free laptop packages that help networks to secure new customers eager to get the best value from their new phone package.

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