Thanks to its extensive mobile network that includes 4G and 5G coverage, Vodafone compliments its smartphone plans with a range of mobile broadband services. These range from dongles you plug into your laptop or desktop right up the exotically named GigaCube, which sounds like it could be the final round of a popular Saturday night television show. It also boasts speeds up to 1Gb/s, so it can pretty much call itself what it likes. Vodafone’s award winning 4G network covers 99% of the UK, while its 5G network coverage launched second only to EE during the great 5G rollout of 2019 and is expanding year on year. That means choice and flexibility with Vodafone mobile broadband services, both advantages for anyone looking for a mobile solution to slow broadband speeds or lack of access to Superfast Fibre connections.

Vodafone GigaCube Mobile Broadband Packages

Apart from being the most emotive sounding of all the major networks’ mobile broadband solutions, the Vodafone GigaCube is also one of the most impressive. Smartphone users who have taken out a Vodafone 5G unlimited data deal will testify to the impressive speeds to which the network has access, so the fact that the GigaCube is available in both 5G and 4G speeds is music to many ears. The GigaCube is also available on flexible one month rolling contracts or 24 month plans, though as with many mobile contracts available with such flexibility there is a higher upfront cost to pay if taking out a one month contract. The GigaCube allows up to 64 devices to connect at speeds up to a mind boggling 1Gb/s.

Vodafone Mobile WiFi Deals

Some operators call it MiFi, some call it Mobile WiFi. Vodafone is in the latter camp, adding a hotspot at the end for good measure. These devices allow you to roam freely and connect up to 10 devices, and just like Vodafone unlimited data smartphone deals you have access to Vodafone’s Roam Free policy, allowing you to use your data in up to 81 destinations worldwide. These packages come in either one month or 12 month plans and a variety of data allowances, from 4GB to unlimited data use. Alternatively, you can also purchase the Mobile WiFi hotspot on a PAYG plan, though they contrast with Vodafone Pay As You Go mobile deals as these packages offer set data limits that don’t give you as much choice or flexibility. That said, the data allowance lasts for 90 days which is more favourable than regular PAYG plans that need to be topped up monthly. 

Vodafone Data Dongle Offers

Data dongles really came into their own following the launch of the 3G mobile network in 2001. Suddenly network speeds were capable of fast transfers of data, which improved exponentially when 4G and then 5G rolled out. Vodafone competes with the likes of O2 and EE by offering a single data dongle, which plugs into your laptop or desktop USB to provide mobile Internet access. Most smartphone users connect laptops on the move using a mobile hotspot, but separate data dongles are also still popular products, though these days appear in limited ranges.

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